PU Kettlebells -PolyUrethane (4kg - 32kg)

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pu kettlebell
pu kettlebell PU Kettlebells -PolyUrethane (4kg - 32kg) PU Kettlebells -PolyUrethane (4kg - 32kg)

PU Kettlebells -PolyUrethane (4kg - 32kg)

Popular with gym users, personal trainers and great for the home, a PU kettlebell can help you perform a range of functional exercises. With a new and more angular design, this range has the PU coating that gives it a hard wearing finish that also helps to prevent scratches. The design is stylish and is topped off with the chrome handle. It resembles a teardrop in shape.

Why Choose PU Kettlebells?

As well as it's versatility and hard wearing coatings, you still get a 2 year warranty. This is due in part to the fact it has been designed ostensibly for the commercial market. But that shouldn't stop you buying it for the home. The PU kettlebell range goes from 4kg to 32kg and ensures that whether you are a beginner or advanced user, you have a very cost effective accessory for all your workouts.

4kg - 32kg Kettlebells

The PU kettlebell range have the polyurethane coating that ensures it's a stylish addition to any home or gym. The PU (or PolyUrethane) coating helps to prevent any unwanted scratches on wood or hard floors as well as preventing scratches to the kettlebell itself. The PU kettlebell range goes from just 4kg right up to 32kg in weight - perfect for just about anyone. The chrome handle offers good grip and completes the stylish look.

What Exercises Can I Perform?

From the most common "the Swing" through to using for squats; Bicep Curls; Trunk Curls or Shoulder Press, kettlebells are well suited to circuit or bootcamp type workouts. Why not check online videos for new ideas and routines.

Depending on whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced user, the sheer number of exercises you can perform will ensure you get value for money when you purchase one (or more) for your home. Workout your hamstrings, quads, upper or lower back, upper or lower arms, shoulders and of course your core. With certain exercises you will also engage a number of surrounding muscles to give you a much deeper workout. Kettlebells are versatile, simple, and a staple for circuits, crossfit and strength gyms. Don't overlook them for your home gym.

Key Features

  • Two year warranty
  • Durable and hard wearing
  • PU prevents scratches
  • Smooth chrome handle
  • Tear drop design improves comfort on the wrist
  • Black with chrome handle
  • Great for home or commercial gyms

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