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Functional Training Rigs

If you want a piece of gym equipment that is practical, flexible and allows you to expand your workouts, then a functional training rig could be the answer. They are versatile enough for most gym users and whether you're looking for dip bars, platforms or barbell hooks, a storage space for your kettlebells or even monkey bars, this multi-tasking piece of kit is great to accommodate most needs for some functional equipment. Read more...

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From cardio or strength, to aerobic fitness or gym workouts, these are the products that are selling right now.

What Are Functional Training Rigs?

As the name suggests training rigs are large steel structures made up of different pillars and bars which allow you to carry out total body exercises. They are very durable and robust and can be used for strengthening, weight loss and boot camp circuit style training. They are very popular with the armed forces and on Royal Navy ships.

Training rigs tend to be modular in design so the configurations are endless. Standard equipment tends to include monkey bars, tri-post storage and wall bars. Many can take 8-12 users at the same time and come with 10 different work out stations.

What Exercises can They be Used For?

Functional training rigs are truly multi purpose and can be used for multiple exercises including:

  • Squat racks
  • Circuit style training including punch bags, ropes, suspension systems, kick punch bags and attachments
  • A cross fit group training station with ropes, freeweights,gym rings and kettlebells


Most training rigs will allow you to use different attachments including dip bars, core plates, bungee cord, bands or rope and jpeg hooks to support Olympic bars.

You will also see them used with other equipment including punch bags, kettlebells, sandbags, ropes and benches.

Benefits of Training Rigs

Training rigs allow you to work your total body and can be completely customised to what you want with accessories like punch bags, ropes etc.

Space Issues

The main disadvantage is that many training rigs are huge and are not really suitable for home use. However there are brands out there like the Warrior Functional Training Rig which is a multi use rig and as such can be used as a drag sled, yoke, pull up wing and squat stand but would easily fit into most homes.

If space is an issue also consider a wall mounted rig which will still give you the chance to use attachments but can fit into garages quite easily.

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