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Employee Benefits & Staff Discounts

Are you a company that values your staff? Want to show them how much you value them by offering them benefits and discounts? Increasingly we see businesses looking to add that little bit extra for their staff in the hope of retaining them and making them feel wanted.

Here at GymEquipment.co.uk we help hundreds of employers by offering your employees a discount on our gym equipment. From dumbbells to rowers, mats to medicine balls or kettlebells, we can offer your employees a discount from the normal price as an employee. So if they are looking for gifts, wanting to set up their own gym or just want to buy a single kettlebell for using at home, we can provide the discount.

The Facts About Employee Benefits

Anecdotally, employees that have benefits offered through work are often happier and less likely to get itchy feet. This doesn't mean employers need to spend money on gathering benefits, rather that they offer amongst other savings, dicsounts on goods or services their employees are likely to benefit from.

Did you know :

  • Employee benefits actually contribute towards employees getting greater satisfaction from their work
  • Benefits can be very cost effective and can be highly emotive
  • Giving staff the chance to enjoy activities and help them save money is far preferable for many than a small taxed cash bonus
  • Offering benefits to your employees can create a ‘feel-good’ factor for your employees, which can then inspire loyalty

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What's In It for Us?

We want to promote GymEquipment.co.uk as the UK's leading online gym and fitness equipment website. We already have the deals in place with leading manufacturers which means the supply chain, delivery logisitics and customer service are all taken care of. 

We want to ensure as many people as possible know about our site and products and hence offering you the employer a chance to promote to your staff the benefits of health and fitness equipment with a good discount.

Are You An Employee?

Do you work at a company that doesn't have a discount? Want to take advantage of discounts of up to 10% on any of our equipment? All you need do is get your HR department or Accounts to contact us to set up an account and we can send out the details.

Wherever you choose to work, it's always nice to think you can get something back from your employer whether that's extra time off or just discounts on products and services you would like to buy. With exercise and fitness becoming an ever more important part of many people's lives, joining a gym is not always practical or affordable. Gym equipment sales have rocketed in the past few years with more and more people having their own gym in the comfort of their home, or in their garage! Join them, but pay up to 10% less for the equipment!

What Next?

In order to offer your employees a discount through GymEquipment.co.uk, you will need to provide us with some basic information in order for us to set up your account.

Checklist :

  • Contact us with your company details and how many employees you have
  • Provide a direct contact name and email so we can liaise with you
  • Provide a way we will know these employees are your employees
  • How you are going to promote GymEquipment.co.uk on your intranet or website

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