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Jordan Sandball X-Treme (Holds up to 12kg)

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The Jordan sandball x-treme is an amazing piece of equipment that is extremely versatile. Undoubtedly the most reliable sandball on the market it is built to withstand extensive slamming over a period of time. The sandball can be loaded with 6kg, 9kg or 12kg of sand to give you a variety of different weight options. It features a no leak inner liner and has an easy access, wide mouth, double closure opening, which makes it really easy to fill.

Widely used for improving strength and power you can perform a huge range of functional training exercises with the Jordan sandball x-treme. Popular for elite performance, crossfit, boot camps, MMA, boxing and training the armed forces, use on it's own for effective total body conditioning, or in combination with weights.

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Jordan Sandball X-Treme (Holds up to 12kg)

Sand Ball Xtreme

You can perform a huge range of exercises such as squats, lunges, presses, throws and slams with the sand ball xtreme. This is one of the best sand balls available anywhere in the UK and is great for getting in shape. The bag comes unfilled as standard but can be filled with up to 12kg of sand to suit your needs.

These bags are extremely popular amongst crossfitters, professional athletes, personal trainers and MMA or martial arts athletes. You can fill the bag with sand easily enough as it comes with a wide mouth, double closure opening and they have an inner lining that will not leak. With a 10 layer rip proof handle and over 44 BarTracked reinforced stress points this really is the best sand ball round.

Please note: All Sandbag's are bought empty and unfilled by default. Please select the weight you require from the drop down box (UK only. All bags sent overseas will be unfilled).

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