hotel gyms

Gym Design for Hotels

Hotels with gyms are often sought out by leisure and business travellers alike. Health and fitness facilities should provide both strength and cardio equipment that help to relieve jet lag whilst boosting your energy levels. Our gym design team have extensive experience of designing small and large gyms for hotels, making the most of the space available.

For some, booking a break away in a hotel is all about getting healthy and kick-starting a fitness programme. As such weekend spa breaks are now big business. A hotel gym can therefore appeal to both the business and non business traveller. But what is so important here is doing it properly.

Many hotels either offer the bare minimum, one old treadmill with some free weights or they offer such complex equipment that hotel guests don’t have the time to work out how to use it. The key here is to offer hotel guests exactly what they want; this boosts bookings and may even ensure repeat bookings.

How Can Help?

If you are going to set up a gym in your hotel you need to ensure that the money you spend will bring you a good commercial return. With this in mind our consultancy service will work with you to deliver 5 key things:

  • Understanding your needs

    It is essential that we understand your hotel, are you budget or luxury? Is your gym for residents or open to the public? What is your current footfall and future aspirations? From this we can design a bespoke gym that is right for your hotel.
  • Maximise your Space

    Depending on the space you have it is key that the gym we develop is functional for the space you have. You don’t want your gym to look either overcrowded or simply empty. We will put together a gym design for you that properly uses the space you have.
  • Intelligent equipment selection

    Offering the right gym equipment for your customer will essentially make or break your gym. Once we understand your hotel business and needs we will select the equipment that best meets the brief.
  • Clear Budget and project management

    We will guide you as to the budget you will need based on your preferred gym design and will ensure that your budget is well managed. Alongside this you will receive a project management plan so that you are clear about time scales, communication and key delivery dates.
  • Strong technical expertise

    We will advise you on what we know hotel customers want and require from a hotel gym. This will encompass advice on the gym equipment itself but also other aspects such as the lighting, flooring and heating of your gym and the overall creation of a stimulating gym environment.

Why Work with Us?

We have the expertise to ensure that whatever your budget your money is spent wisely. From the initial design of your gym, to advice on budget and products, we have the experience and technical knowledge to ensure that your gym works for you.

We are not tied to any one manufacturer of gym equipment so we can select exactly what we believe is right for you, not what we have to sell you.

And finally, our greatest USP of all, us! We are a small company, which means that the person you buy from is the same person who project manages you from beginning to end. This way we develop relationships with our clients based on real trust and understanding.

Contact us today, we would love to meet with you and see how we can help develop your hotel gym facility.