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30mm PU Weight Discs in Pairs (1.25kg - 10kg)

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If you want to add some additional weight to your 30mm (1 inch) barbell, then this polyurethane (PU) range provides quality and stylish weight plates for very little additional cost. With a range of weights including 1.25kg, 2.5kg, 5kg and 10kg per disc, you can build up almost any weight easily and quickly.

Why Choose PU Weight Plates?

This pair of 1.25kg weight discs are from the PU (polyurethane) range which means they are extremely durable and designed to reduce scratching/marks to floors. With a 30mm diameter centre hole, they will fit 30mm/1" bars, not the standard Olympic bar diameter that is 50mm. Finally, the discs come with integrated handles that are designed to help you put the weights on and off the bar as well as give you the chance to use them in different ways. Sold as a pair, these 1.25kg PU weight discs are perfect for commercial gyms and home gyms alike.

30mm pu weight discs pump sets
30mm pu weight discs pump sets 30mm PU Weight Discs in Pairs (1.25kg - 10kg) 30mm PU Weight Discs in Pairs (1.25kg - 10kg) 30mm PU Weight Discs in Pairs (1.25kg - 10kg) 30mm PU Weight Discs in Pairs (1.25kg - 10kg) 30mm PU Weight Discs in Pairs (1.25kg - 10kg)

Weight Plates for 30mm Barbells

Whether you enjoy BodyPump or just want a lighter weight set to keep at home for those days you sdon't make it to the gym, these PU weight discs provide additional weights that you can add to any bar. The polyurethane PU range have been designed with multi-use in mind. The ergonomic handles ensure you can easily add or remove the plates from a bar. But you can also then use the weight plates separately for exercises without a bar. Think lunges, single arm shoulder raises, bicep curls and lots and lots more.

Being coated with the PU finish means they are less likely to scratch your floor and they are very hard wearing. Whilst the 30mm hole means you can't add them to an lympic bar, these are designed for use in a studio class or for smaller home gyms where a maximum of 40kg is added to a barbell.

Key Features

  • Hard-Wearing Polyurethane Coating
  • 1.25kg; 2.5kg; 5kg; & 10kg weights
  • 30mm Diameter Hole for Bar
  • Ergonomic Handles in Plates
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