Kettlebell Wrist Guard (Pair)

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Kettlebell Wrist Guard (Pair)
Kettlebell Wrist Guard (Pair) Kettlebell Wrist Guard (Pair)

Kettlebell Wrist Guard (Pair)

If you're using or considering buying a set of kettlebells, then this pair of kettlebell wrist guards could be a great accessory. If you over swing the kettlebell, these wrist guards will provide excellent protection for your wrists and forearm and help reduce the risk of injury and bruising. We all know that injuries can disrupt your workout plan so anything that can help prevent them is worth considering.

They have a simple slim fit design for comfort and one size fits all so they are ideal for beginners through to fitness professionals. A useful accessory for avid kettlebell users.

One Size Kettlebell Wrist Guards

Kettlebells have made a significant impact in the fitness industry over the past few years, but one thing no one tells you is that can over swing the kettlebelll sometimes and that can catch your wrists. It's well worth ensuring you have a bit of comfortable protection on your wrists, especially as a beginner. These kettlebell wrist guards are simple and easy to put on - so why needlessly get bruises any more?

Key Features

In summary, they give you:

  • A slim fit design for comfort
  • A level of protection for the forearm from impact
  • Ideal for use by beginners and professionals
  • Designed to also take pressure off your wrist and at the same time give some support
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