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Star Trac Turbo Trainer

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The Star Trac Turbo Trainer looks similar to a cross trainer but uses a fan-shaped flywheel to create resistance. This is a commercial grade isokinetic air-resistance bike that gives you both upper and lower body exercises. Whether you're looking for rehabilitation or for sports performance and fitness, this Turbo Trainer is a superb buy.

Why This Turbo Trainer?

As well as it's commercial credentials, Star Trac have a patent pending on the bottom bracket and pedal system that has proven to be incredibly strong and durable under testing and this also extends to the drive train design. The Turbo Trainer gives you options on low RPM and low loads through to high power interval training, all tracked through the console and heart rate telemtry if you wear a strap.

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star trac turbo trainer
star trac turbo trainer Star Trac Turbo Trainer Star Trac Turbo Trainer

Star Trac Turbo Trainer

Providing an upper and lower body workout with the resistance being provided by a flywheel that the faster you go, the more resistance is created. The Turbo Trainer creates isokinetic air resistance and air is displaced at a rate that matches the users effort level. This means the faster you turn the flywheel, so the higher the RPM, the greater the isokinetic resistance.

Performing an exercise with a constant limb movement with a variable resistance is isokinetic exercise. Isokinetic relates to a concentric or eccentric contraction of a muscle, where the speed and tension of movement are constant throughout the lengthening or contracting of the muscle.


Monitoring your workout is vitally important whether you're a beginner or an advanced user. The supplied console has an aAutomatic scan mode that kicks in when you start cycling. The console measures all your workout metrics including: elapsed time, distance, kilocalories, RPM’s and telemetric heart rate when combined with a compatible chest strap.


Whether you want to be strapped in or strap-free, the dual platform pedals come with the inline skate-style straps that give you whatever option you want.

Key Features

  • Fan-shaped flywheel
  • Isokenetic resistance and cooling effect
  • 3 piece crank with sealed bearings
  • Dual-sided pedals
  • Polar® Telemetry

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More Information
Weight 155kg
Equipment Usage Home Use
Additional Features Fan-shaped flywheel for isokinetic resistance and cooling effect, simultaneous upper and lower body exercise, upper body only foot rest platforms, easy ratchet seat adjust
Heart Rate Monitoring Polar® Telemetry
Power Source Self-contained power supply, no external power needed. (console requires 4 AA batteries)
Resistance Type Isokinetic user drive system
Console Functions Automatic scan mode upon cycling initiation. Features: elapsed time, distance, kilocalories, RPM’s and telemetric heart rate when combined with a compatible chest strap
Length (Width) Dimensions 129.5cm
Width (Depth) Dimensions 73.7cm
Height Dimensions 58cm
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