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Stairmaster HIITMill with HIIT Console

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Want to get a high intensity workout? With the Stairmaster HIITMILL you're getting a crossover treadmill and strength machine that will ensure you get a difficult, but rewarding HIIT workouts - ones that you can also track via the HIIT console. A simple and easy machine to get to grips with, the self powered running deck with magnetic resistance, is complemented by the multi-grip hand positions you can choose.

Why Choose The HIITMILL?

If you want to build your explosive power and strength, then an incline, resistance and of course the fact this is all self-powered, means you will be able to capture the benefits of speed and agility training, lateral training and sled training all in one machine. Adding or removing the resistance is via an easy to find lever, meaning you can simply work to the pain.

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stairmaster hiitmill hitmill
stairmaster hiitmill hitmill Stairmaster HIITMill with HIIT Console Stairmaster HIITMill with HIIT Console Stairmaster HIITMill with HIIT Console

The Stairmaster HIITMILL with HIIT Console

It looks like a treadmill, but is so much more and the HIITMILL could be your secret weapon to getting extremely fit. With it's self powered running deck and an fixed 11 degree incline, as a speed and strength machine, the HIITMILL is hard to beat. Stairmaster developed this running machine to help build explosive power as part of a high intensity training program. Adding the HIIT console, means you also get to watch and record your progress.

This machine can replace 3 or 4 other pieces of equipment in a gym or home environment if you like your interval training or circuits. From using a push or pull sled to being able to do lateral movements as well as a high resistance push, of course you can then also use simply as a treadmill - one with a fixed incline!

Choosing HIIT

Switching between short bursts or high intensity exercise with low intensity recovery, your average HIIT session lasts between 20 and 30 minutes. High intensity training will help to improve your power, strength and overall stamina and endurance if you add to existing longer cardio workouts.

Stairmaster saw the HITMILL as a great way to combine a number of these exercises into a single piece of gear at a price that's hard to beat for what it does.

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The Stairmaster HIITMILL

With a fixed 11 degree incline, you will always be pushing yourself. Then add in resistance using the magentic resistance settings and you can either lean right in to the frame and really put on the power, or simply use like a treadmill on the incline. The HIITMILL allows you to combine or isolate a push, a drive or even sprint, forward sor laterally.

Boost Your Explosive Power

Thanks to the incline and resistance settings, you can create a high intensity woprkout that improves your explosive power. Work on speed and strength exercises with or without weights.


Enabling you to push, drive, or sprint, you can also choose to more resistance via the magentic settings. Thsi means you can increase your metabolic intensity directly through your training.


Getting you to do all the work is why the HIITMILL is so unique. A self-powered treadmill with a fixed incline means you'll always be up against it, so use as part of a short sharp 100% effort along side periods of low intensity and your lateral training, speed and agility training can all be done on one piece of kit.

Key Features

  • Self-powered
  • Magnetic resistance
  • Fixed 11 degree incline
  • Excellent HIIT console for data tracking
  • Robust and durable treadmill deck
  • Water bottle and phone holder

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More Information
Weight 175kg
Equipment Usage Home & Commercial Use
Resistance Levels 6 magnetic resistance levels
Max User Weight 226kg
Resistance Type Magnetic Resistance
Length (Width) Dimensions 1966mm
Width (Depth) Dimensions 948mm
Height Dimensions 1665mm
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