Physical Company 20kg PU (Polyurethane) Pump Set

A premium quality, highly durable pump set that's ideal for commercial enviroments and great for those who want the best at home.

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Physical Company 20kg PU (Polyurethane) Pump Set

Designed for the commercial market this premium quality PU (polyurethane) pump set is as well placed in your home. So if you would like to take your body pump workouts from the gym and replicate them in your home then look no further. Likewise if you're a gym manager looking for a premium quality BodyPump set for group sessions this could be the right model.

Why Choose This PU Pump Set?

Made from polyurethane (PU) its highly durable and comes with a black carbon bar and black disc set. Its an extremely stylish and high quality product. The PU pump set consists of a 1400mm x 30mm hollow black bar and weight discs up to 17.5kg. Additional discs and/ or 1500mm solid bars for heavier loads (up to 60kg) are available.

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PU Body Pump Set / Studio Barbell

Made from tough yet tactile Polyurethane (PU) , this is our premium, adjustable pump set which is designed to stand up to the toughest workouts you can throw at it. The polyurethane coating ensures that this is a very durable and hard wearing set whilst also having the ability to reduce the amount of scratching of floors bars usually cause.

The beauty of a BodyPump set is that you can adjust the weights attached to the ends, meaning you can tailor the workout to the user more easily. As a beginner you can statr with the lighter weights and then progress through by adding more weight to the bars. With the following discs that you can add to the bar : 2 x 1.25kg; 2 x 2.5kg; 2 x 5kg; you also get the 30mm bar along with the two quick-lock collars to keep the weights on the bar.

Key Features

  • 6 PU discs of varying weights
  • Comes with 30mm hollow carbon bar - max load 37.5kg
  • Includes wwo 'Quick-Lock' collars
  • 3 integrated ergonomic handles on discs
  • Warranty - Discs - 2 years - Bar and Collars - 1 year

Additional discs and/ or 1500mm Solid Bars for heavier loads (up to 60kg) available.

More Information
Weight 20kg
Equipment Usage Home & Commercial Use
Warranty One Year Warranty
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