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Olympic Bar Holder (Holds 8 Bars)

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Stop your Olympic bars cluttering and rolling around the gym floor by purchasing an Olympic bar holder from This holder will comfortably hold up to 8 Olympic bars so it is the perfect barbell storage solution for any gym or fitness centre. An ideal purchase for any facility that wants to store a number of bars in a small amount of space.

The bar holder comes in a silver color, which will hopefully match most of the equipment in your gym and it also features a "TUFF COAT" paint finish so it is more resistant to damage, including the wear and tear that the rack will face from holding the bars over time. Please note the Olympic Bars are not included.

Olympic Bar Holder (Holds 8 Bars)
Olympic Bar Holder (Holds 8 Bars) Olympic Bar Holder (Holds 8 Bars)

Gym Bar Holder

We've all seen it happen, you are working out with a bar, you finish and leave it on the floor and next minute it has rolled half way across the gym. This bar holder provides an effective way of storing all your barbells in one place. It will hold up to 8 bars and takes up very little space making it ideal for gyms that are short of floor space. It will prevent the bars rolling around on the floor and crashing into other equipment and will also make the gym look a lot tidier.

Buy one today by ordering online or calling our sales line and keep your gym floor looking sharp.

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