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Maxafe Core Stability Ball (65cm)

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If you are new to exercise or building your first home gym then an exercise ball should be one of the first things on your list of accessories. This Maxafe core stability ball is 65cm in diameter and is made from a burst resistant material to prevent any mishaps. The 65cm ball is suitable for children or adults up to 6 feet in height.

Stability balls can be used to perform a huge variety of exercises and they help train your deep stabilising muscles. It creates an unstable surface and when you sit or lie on it, you will have to work your core to keep yourself stable. They are a simple and inexpensive accessory that will add variety to your training and can be used by people of all ages.

Maxafe Core Stability Ball (65cm)

65cm Maxafe Gym Ball

This 65cm stability ball (or swiss ball as they are sometimes called) will add a new dimension to your workouts. Also available in 42cm, 53cm and 75cm sizes, you can sit on it, lie on it, throw it, kick it and catch it, they really can be used for all sorts of activities. It is made from a flexton burst resistant material, that has undergone static compression testing up to 400kg. With a CE mark of approval they are perfect for exercising at home or for class sessions. Great for circuits, bootcamps, kids training and rehabilitation after injury.

Each ball comes with a 24 page Exercise Handbook showing you the muscle groups worked. It is Latex free and can be produced in a colour of your choice and branded with a company logo.

  • Manufactured from Flexton Anti-Burst Material
  • Maximum load - 400kg
  • Recommended User Height -  Up to 183cm (6ft)
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