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Jungle Gym XT Strap Xtenders

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If you need to add some extra length to your jungle gym suspension trainer straps then these Jungle Gym XT Strap Xtenders are what you need. Luckily, the Jungle Gym XT strap xtenders were recently released for those who need to attach the straps to a high beam, tree or wall. This product can add up to 8 feet to the Jungle Gym XT straps.

This product will cinch to beams and poles or clip to carabiners so all fixing issues should be covered. The Jungle Gym strap xtenders can also be asjusted in length for a custom and professional fit. Included with the product are 2 industrial suspension straps, 2 Dupont Zytel™ cam buckles, 2 velcro excess strap-wraps, and an instructional brochure to help you set them up effectively.

Jungle Gym XT Strap Xtenders

Jungle Gym Strap Extenders

If you have bought the jungle gym but realised the straps are not quite long enough when it is fixed to a high anchor point then the jungle gym strap extenders will help resolve your problem. Easy to attach they can extend the length of the straps by 8 feet and are easy to adjust.

Suspension training is hugely popular with athletes, professional sports teams and gym goers alike and the jungle gym is one of the best body weight trainers around. It has a 2 strap design to ensure you are working both sides of the body equally and is really easy to use. You can move between exercises quickly and it allows you to perform a huge number of functional exercises for the upper body and core. Simply add the product to your basket and order for fast delivery to your door.

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