Activa Air Stability Disc (30cm)

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Activa Air Stability Disc (30cm)

Activa Air Stability Disc (30cm)

If you want to concentrate on improving your balance, working your abs and strengthening your core muscles, then the Activa air stability disc could quickly work it's way in to a lot of your workouts. Whether you want to use it for balancing on during a specific exercise, or to put on your chair, this 30cm version is cheap and affordable and can be inflated/deflated to your requirements. By using the Activa Air Disc you can improve your balance and stability as the disc creates instability that your body has to work against. It is great for rehabilitation after knee or ankle injuries.

The Activa air stability disc is made from hard wearing, non latex, rubberised plastic called DINP (Diisodecy Phthalate). It comes in two basic colours, blue and yellow and two sizes, 30cm and 40cm.

30cm Stability Disc from Activa

Your posture and core strength could help to prevent injury when you workout - fact. By working your abs, your lower back and your core muscles you can help provide your body with a secure and solid foundation for other workouts and exercises. This is where the 30cm Activa Air stability disc could be a very cost-effective addition to your home gym. Designed to be compact, you can use either by standing, kneeling or sitting on it and in effect it destabilises/unbalances you, meaning you will try to correct the imbalance by using your core muscles.

Activa have developed this latex-free 30cm stability disc to be affordable and adjustable (you can fill or deflate to suit your weight and the degree of instability you want). This means for workouts you can add another element to what you're doing. For example, you could sit on the stability disc to perform seated should press. The instability caused by the disc means that as well as your shoulders being worked out, you are having to engage your core, your lower back and abdominal muscles to keep yourself steady. This is a great piece of fitness equipment and it's cheap and easy to store. What's not to like?

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