Wattbike Pro Indoor Cycle

The Wattbike Pro is for serious cyclists who are looking to push even greater wattage than the standard bike, higlhy durable, highly accurate.

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Wattbike Pro Indoor Cycle
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Wattbike Pro Indoor Cycle

Are you a serious cyclist that wants to start measuring your performance, your leg balance and the power you generate? Or are you after fitness and like using an exercise bike for your CV? This indoor bike is about as close to the real thing as is possible from an indoor cycle. This is the Wattbike Pro Indoor Cycle.

Watttbike have developed their own, unique, air and magnetic braking system. This allows the Wattbike Pro to give an almost 'road feel' to your biking or training. After 8 years of development, they also have the design and features right, including their advanced monitoring. The seat and handlebars are adjustable, which is very important if you want to get the exact same set up as your road bike. The Watt Bike Pro is also compatible with the 'powerapp' which enables you to record and analyse data from your workout enabling you to get even more from your workout.

Key Features of the Pro Version

  • The Wattbike Patented dual braking system - 'air' and 'magnetic'
  • The bike was developed over 8 years by coaches and scientists
  • Amazing performance monitor - includes Power, Cadence, Heart Rate & Polar View
  • Get the sensation of 'real' cycling - indoors!
  • Is the world's first factory calibrated indoor bike - within 2% across the range

Why Choose The Wattbike Pro?

Whether you're an advanced fitness user or a 'pro' track or road cyclist, the Wattbike Pro indoor cycle provides the complete range of cadence and resistance that enables you to develop your power, strength and cycling stamina. After 8 years of development from a previous British Cycling Performance Director, it's build quality and exacting factory standards are second to none. The sheer range of performance statistics that can be monitored are astonishing, but more than that it is a beautifully balanced and realistic ride.

front of watt bike

What's Upfront?

Performance Computer Display

With over 40 different cycling performance parameters, you can access information in real time as well as taking advantage of it's inbuilt cycling and workout programs.


You will probably notice the drop handlebars and the hood positions available to you - further replicating positions you would have on a road bike. Fully adjustable, you even get pads for a time trial position.

Dual Resistance

Their patented air and magnetic resistance gives you a smooth and and 'realistic' feel to your ride. The actual control you have gives you predictable resistance and is very accurate.


front of watt bike

Comfort & Performance

Fully Adjustable Fit

As with any equipment, the adjustability is key to comfortable use. Getting your perfect riding position will ensure you can work out to the best of your ability. Seat position can be adjusted forward and back and up and down - by the mm.

Real Riding

One of the USP's of the Wattbike - the feeling that you are riding a bike on the road or track. By using a chain and sprocket and the resistance fan this is the most realistic ride you will get from an indoor cycle - period.

SPD Compatible Pedals

We provide standard pedals with a toe clip so riders can just get on and train. Flip the pedal over and you also have an SPD fitting so riders with the compatible cleats get the clipless option to train. Perfect!>

Our Performance Monitor

Monitoring and recording your workouts, or giving you a training program to get started, it's all here in our performance monitor.

wattbike display

This is probably the most advanced display on any indoor cycle. It has some great features and can give you superb feedback if you want or need it. Ultimately though, it can give you a training programme and monitor your basic cadence, speed, energy and heart rate.

  • Monitors parameters 100 times every second
  • Power reading is accurate to 2%
  • Key performance data in real time for Heart rate, Power, Speed, Cadence, Energy, Time, Distance
  • Unique Pedalling Technique monitoring - Polar View

The Polar View

This shows how a rider is applying force through the pedals as you train. The monitor gives you a real time dynamic image for each pedal stroke so you can compare left to right legs as well as what happens under different conditions like sprinting, hill climbing, cool down. Improve your pedalling technique with this 'simple' tool only the Wattbike has.

More Information
Weight 55kg
Equipment Usage Home & Commercial
Warranty 2 Year for Non-wear items, and 1 Year for wear items
Length Dimensions 1300 mm
Width Dimensions 660 mm
Height Dimensions 1250 mm
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