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Set Descending Direction works hard to bring you a wide range of the best training and fitness accessories out there in the market. We only work with leading manufacturers and brands and whether you prefer cardio, strength or more functional training, we can supply you with the right equipment. Training accessories are often essential to allow you to perform certain exercises, so don't overlook them. From Power Bags and Kettlebells through to dumbbell racks or Swiss balls you can buy them now.

Key Fitness Accessories

Fitness accessories really do come in all shapes and sizes. What they will do hopefully is make your workouts varied and enjoyable and ultimately more effective. So whether it’s an accessory that helps your strength training, cardio workout or flexibility, check out our suggestions and our buying guide to ensure you get the right accessory for what you need. Below is a sample of the type of accessories we sell at great prices and of course quality!


Powerbags are essentially weight training equipment. They are popular as, unlike other weight training equipment, they are soft and flexible, which minimises injury to the user. For home gyms they are also very forgiving on home flooring. The soft composition has also made them popular with those working out after an injury. They come in a range of different weights from a 3kg powerbag to a 50kg bag.


Kettlebells are one of the oldest types of conditioning equipment there is. What makes them unique over traditional weights is in the dynamic nature of the movements. The two hand swing for example involves a squat and swinging the kettlebell up and in front of the body. The kettlebell can be used to increase strength, power, body tone, stability and rapid fat loss.

Medicine Balls

The medicine ball is a weighted ball ranging in weight from a few kg up to 11 kg. They can be useful to add weight to your squats, sit ups, leg lifts, essentially making these exercises harder. They are also used in Pilates, yoga and some aerobic classes so their use is quite wide, all depending on the weight and the outcome that is wanted. Lighter balls are also popular with those returning to fitness after injury.

Plyometric Platforms

Plymetric training is different to weight training in that it doesn’t just increase the strength of the muscle, it increases the ability of the muscle to exert force quickly. Athletes find these very useful but if you are a novice do take care as you could suffer serious injury if you perform plymetric exercises incorrectly. Many of these platforms are a square shaped metal frame with a solid top-so looking like a small step. They can be used for step ups and for jumping exercises. Check for durable steel construction, rubber feet for stability, and a slip resistant stepping surface.

Battling Ropes

Battling ropes will help improve both your strength and explosiveness/endurance. In this sense they are often referred to as a great all round strength and conditioning system. When buying battling ropes check the available lengths, strength ratio and the quality of the handles. Some battling ropes also come with a heavy duty nylon fabric sewn into the centre of the rope to help prevent fraying. The main benefits of working out with battling ropes are that this form of exercise will enable you to burn fat quickly and build muscle.


Introduced in 2000 the BOSU has since become one of the most successful training tools. A dome shaped training tool it can be used either dome or platform side up (hence the name BOSU=Both Sides Up). It is used for balance, flexibility and cardio work. Great for abs, stepping over and squatting, walk over press-ups...the list goes on as there are endless possibilities to its use.

Gloves and pads

Boxing pad work will really push your cardiovascular fitness. It can also really help with coordination. Boxing gloves come in all styles and quality. When buying try to look for leather and a lining that will keep your hands dry whilst working out, wrist support and a Velcro fastener(its not easy to get boxing gloves off!). When buying pads do remember that they are the target, so-buy pads that will take a beating. So look for pads with a good density and those with an individual section for each finger can also be useful.