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Yoga Mats

You'll probably been keen to ensure you're buying a yoga mat that suits your needs - rather than just the most expensive that proves to be impractical. There are a number of different yoga and Pilates mats on the market ranging from biodegradable through to super lightweight if you're having to travel. The most basic one is normally a Gaiam Yoga mat of the sort that most supermarkets or high street shops will stock. From there on up it's cost due to material used, green credentials and durability. Read more...

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From cardio or strength, to aerobic fitness or gym workouts, these are the products that are selling right now.

Yoga and Pilates Mats

Pilates and yoga mats are very similar in that they are about the same size and are used for completing exercises on the floor. But after that there are some subtle differences.

Pilate’s mats tend to be different from yoga mats in that they are thicker, very important when you are performing Pilate’s exercises like Seal and Open Leg Rocker. Yoga mats on the other hand are thinner to let you feel the floor when you are performing standing yoga poses and yoga mats are sticky -designed to prevent slipping.

Pilates Mats

When you are buying a Pilates mat do make sure it is at least half an inch thick. It should also be firm, if it is too soft you will find that it will not support your balance and alignment. Also, this may sound obvious, but make sure that the mat is the right size for you, folding mats tend to be larger than roll up mats.

Folding Pilates mats

These are similar to the ones you find in a studio, so tend to be a higher quality and a little more expensive. They tend not to be that portable so are a great choice for a home gym.

Roll Up Pilate Mats

The obvious benefit of a roll up mat is that they are portable so if you want one for home and for taking to classes these could be a great choice. These tend to be made of foam or rubber, foam mats do tend to be thicker and firmer here.

Yoga mats


It is a personal thing as to how much stickiness and traction you want from your yoga mat. Some have sticky materials, others will have raised tactile patterns that give you that extra traction. If you are a beginner it may be useful to try a few out on loan from a yoga class and see what you prefer.


Do check that the mat is the right size for you, most mats are 68 or 72 inches long but do check.


The thickness of your mat will affect its weight, so if you want to carry your mat around a lot do think about buying a slightly thinner mat. You could always consider buying a thicker, heavier mat for home and a thinner more portable one for studio classes.

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