Supaflex Power Band - Level 3 (Yellow)

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Level 3 resistance band
Level 3 resistance band Supaflex Power Band - Level 3 (Yellow) Supaflex Power Band - Level 3 (Yellow)

Supaflex Power Band - Level 3 (Yellow)

Perfect for a range of resistance workouts, the SupaFlex Power Band comes in 5 levels (or widths). This is a Level 3 Yellow resistance band and is perfect for moving to more advanced exercises as you get stronger. Resistance bands are suitable for a range of strength and rehabilitation exercises and because they are cost effective, you can buy the next level up once you're ready to increase the resistance.

Available in five colour-coded sizes.

Yellow - Level 3 Resistance Band

The mid level SupaFlex Level 3 Power Band is perfect for increasing the resistance for exercises. As part of the 5-piece range of Power Bands, this yellow SupaFlex enables you to workout using resistance, rather than weights, for a complete range of workouts including agility drills, jump training, strength training and even rehabilitation exercises. The beauty of a Power Band is the ease of storage, the low cost and the sheer range of exercises you can use them for.

Use the SupaFlex PowerBands in isolation or with other equipment in order to increase the resistance. They have colour-coded the 5 levels (or widths) increasing from Level 1 in black to Level 5 in red. Also, the wider the band, the more resistance is offered. Please note these products do contain Latex.

Further Description

  • This is the yellow power band only
  • Contains Latex
  • Warranty - 6 months
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