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Studio Dumbbells

Available in a range of colours and weights, studio dumbbells make classes easy and provide a fixed weight that you can just pick up and use - no messing about with bars and free weights. Fixed weight dumbbells are great for the home if you buy a stand as you can swap and change as you get stronger. Using dumbbells for cardio workouts is a great way to get in shape as you provide more resistance and work on specific muscles to strengthen them. Read more...

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From cardio or strength, to aerobic fitness or gym workouts, these are the products that are selling right now.

What are Studio Dumbbells?

Dumbbells, or hand weights, come in a variety of different forms. Some are fixed, others adjustable, some are made of chrome, others from rubber. The studio dumbbell (sometimes also referred to as fitness dumbbells or aerobic dumbbells) are essentially lighter dumbbells. These are great for beginners or for aerobic/studio classes, hence the name.

They usually come in pairs in weights, 0.5kg, 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 4kg and 5kg.

Why Do They DIffer from Other Dumbbells?

Many come with a neoprene coating that is not just very comfortable but they don’t become slippery when your hands sweat. Neoprene also lasts very well. The anti roll functionality means they can be safely left while you go and begin another exercise before coming back to them in the studio. They are colour coded for easy weight identification.

Women and Studio Dumbbells

Some brands have also made their studio dumbbells with a slightly smaller grip space.

Do They Support Your Fitness?

Studio dumbbells are ideal for adding strength training to your workout. For example holding dumbbells whilst performing a squat will strengthen and build leg and buttock muscles. They can also be used in aerobic exercises to increase intensity and calorie burn.

Dumbbell Racks

A great way to store your dumbbells is with the studio dumbbell rack. Many come with lockable wheels and a lockable chrome top bar.

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