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With a wide range of sizes and styles, finding the right storage racks is easier than you may think. With our dedicated section that provides you with racks from various brands, whether it's your Swiss Balls or your dumbbells that are causing you grief, we've probably got a solution for you. With a home gym, you are usually limited in area and so using storage can keep your workout floor clear. This means it's also much safer. Working out with lots of equipment lying around can be quite dangerous. Read more...

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From cardio or strength, to aerobic fitness or gym workouts, these are the products that are selling right now.

Storage Racks for Equipment

Making sure your home gym or studio is kept tidy and well organised is crucial not only because it will drive you crazy when you can’t find things but also because it will keep everything safe. In addition, good storage will ultimately prolong the lifespan of your gym equipment

Different storage options


The simple shelf can be a great idea for storing towels and other smaller pieces of gym equipment. If the shelf is near electrical equipment you could also consider putting a music system on this or even a mini fridge to keep your drinks cool!

Exercise Balls

Exercise balls can be a nightmare to organise due to their size and obvious ability to roll everywhere. You can buy wall mounts called the’ loop’ as well as ball bases which sit on the floor. You can also get ball stackers, a great idea if you have more than one ball.

Bars and Barbells

Bar holders that can be fixed to the wall or free standing will protect your barbells and keep them safe. These come in both Olympic and standard sizes.


You can buy specialist dumbbell racks which are good if storage is tight. They can be stored horizontally or vertically and there are frame models for storing several dumbbells. You can also order units where the tiers vary reflecting how many you need to store.

Weight Plate Trees

Weight plate trees are made of sturdy heavy duty steel for carrying all sizes of weight plates. There are vertical-standing plate trees with spokes sticking out for sliding the weight plates through. The sizes of the spokes may either be one inch for standard plates or two inches for Olympic sized weight plates. Plate trees can also be bought in a triangular shape. You normally arrange the plates so that the heaviest are placed at the bottom and the lightest load on top. Plate trees usually come with heavy bases so they are not easily toppled over.

Combination Storage Options

There are dumbbell racks available that may also have slots for bars, which are stored horizontally. Some models of dumbbell racks may also have enough space and support for kettlebell weights. There are now Double Sided Combo Weight Racks with peg boards on both sides fitted with weight hooks that can carry up to 500 lbs of weight. Although the main structure serves as vertical storage for dumbbells.

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