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Stability Discs

Strengthen and condition your core muscles with a range of exercises with either free weights or a bench. Alternatively, you can buy yourself a stability disc that can be used to help you strengthen your core, midriff, ankles, knees and even shoulders. It works by introducing instability so your muscles need to work to stabilise your body whilst you are doing the exercise. With most models, you can also control how inflated you want the disc to be, making it more or less stable. Read more...

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From cardio or strength, to aerobic fitness or gym workouts, these are the products that are selling right now.

What are Stability Discs?

A stability disc, balance disc or even wobble disc as you will also see them called are an inflatable rubber disc that is normally between 12 and 16 inches in diameter and two to three inches thick when inflated. They essentially provide an unstable platform for various types of exercise forcing you to use other muscles to get your balance. The boards do differ in how they unbalance you so it is important to get the right board for you.

The most basic type of board is the rocker board which can be tilted from side to side. The wobble board however does exactly what it says, it will offer an array of different movements for you.

Benefits of Stability Discs

Stability discs really perform in the same way  as the Swiss ball. They are great for improving flexibility, balance and working out core muscle groups and posture. One of the big advantages they have over the Swiss ball is their size, they are small enough to travel with.

Exercises On a Disc

It is first worth noting that before you attempt to exercise on a stability disc you know how to do the exercise without the board, that way you know your form is good. This is not a finite list of exercises but will give you an indication of what you can achieve with a stability board.

Balancing on The Board

This alone is really good for you as it will strengthen the muscles in your lower legs and your abs.


Always a challenging one! You can perform the squat either with both feet on the stability disc or with one foot on, one foot off. The board will challenge your sense of balance making your muscles work even harder.

Side to Side Taps

This involves standing on the board and leaning back and forth and left and right so that the side of the board touches the ground. Great for your core!

A Side Lunge

Lunging with one foot on the disc is also a good exercise as is the push up. When you push up put one hand on the stability disc and hold the plank position. This will not only work your shoulders but also your core muscle groups.

Medical Concerns

When working with equipment that challenges your balance do check with your doctor first. Also do consider using a personal trainer to help you understand how best to use this equipment and perform all moves safely and with the best technique. Always ensure that the surface you are working on is appropriate for a stability board.

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