Performance Roller with NFC Technology

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Performance Roller with NFC Technology
Performance Roller with NFC Technology Performance Roller with NFC Technology

Performance Roller with NFC Technology

Relieve tight and sore muscles with the Physical performance roller. Ideal for anyone looking to enhance performance, improve mobility and general wellness. The performance roller has been designed to allow you to perform self-myofascial release techniques and target problematic areas. The unique pattern helps you target tight areas and applies different pressure at different parts.

Now equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology giving users access to a complete library of exercises and information. To access this simply hold a smart phone over the NFC Tag.

Key Features

  • Helps increase circulation and range of motion to better prepare the body before workouts/competition.
  • Great for deep tissue massage and easing tight or sore muscles.
  • Helps release painful trigger points.
  • Aids recovery after injury and helps with injury prevention.
  • Made from high density EVA recovery material for durability.
  • Very light and compact, ideal for people on the move.

Physical Performance Roller

Foam rollers are a fantastic training accessory for athletes, general exercisers and anyone looking to ease muscle tension. This performance roller from Physical Company has been designed with a unique pattern for self massage and trigger point release. It's grid like surface targets tight areas and aims to replicate the feeling of a hand massage. Made from high density EVA, indents will recover and it is extremely hard wearing.

A trigger point performance roller like this is great for injury prevention and using for warm ups/cool downs. It has a hollow core making it lightweight and portable and enables fitness professionals to take it on the move. A must have at home or in your fitness facility.

More Information
Weight 1kg
Equipment Usage Home & Commercial Use
Warranty 1 year against manufacturing defects
Made From High-density EVA.
Length Dimensions 13"
Width Dimensions 5"
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