25 Supasoft Exercise Mats & Carry Bag (Blue)

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25 Supasoft Exercise Mats & Carry Bag (Blue)
25 Supasoft Exercise Mats & Carry Bag (Blue) 25 Supasoft Exercise Mats & Carry Bag (Blue) 25 Supasoft Exercise Mats & Carry Bag (Blue)

25 Supasoft Exercise Mats & Carry Bag (Blue)

Making sure everyone in your class has a mat is now easier than ever. This heavy duty bag comes with 25 of the small blue exercise mats that are 12mm thick. Supasoft have used a new moulding process to create a harder wearing mat that is easy to wipe and clean as well as having great longevity. Using them gives you a comfortable and supportive foundation when you're doing your exercises. This set of 25 gym mats are blue, but there are 3 other colours you can choose from: Platinum; Violet and Charcoal.

Heavy Duty Carry Bag

Containing the 25 mats is your heavy duty carry bag. Making it easy to store the mats as well as carry them, they come with the longer shoulder straps that make carrying so simple and convenient. You also get double zips and a small pocket, but those are just extras to be honest. The real value comes from the 25 exercise mats it holds and ease for you as an instructor. Dimensions of the bag are: Length - 1045mm, Width 500mm and Depth 330mm.

25 x Blue 12mm Gym Mats & Carry Bag

Keeping order when gym mats are involved is usually a nightmare, so how about this set of 25 small exercise mats that comes with a heavy duty storage and carry bag? With the 12mm thickness and being 1m in length, these are great starter mats and can be used for a wide range of basic mat exercises. Whether you buy for a gym, a studio or even for a boot camp in the summer, they are very strong and highly durable thanks to the manufacturing process. As part of this pack, they work out at about £12 each which is great value for money.

Thanks to being about 1m long and only 50cm wide, this makes it easy to transport in a car or to store away in a cupboard or corner of the room. Containing 25 of the small exercise mats, these 12mm thick 98cm long by 50cm wide mats are the moulded design which makes them more durable as well as maintaining their great support and comfort. It also means they are easy to wipe clean and they don't absorb sweat or water.

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