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The BOSU ball, which is an acronym for Both Sides Up, looks like an exercise ball that's been cut in half with a plank stuck on the bottom. A BOSU balance trainer is in fact a very useful piece of studio fitness equipment that allows you to work on core stability through a range of exercises. You can use the BOSU either with the soft-side-up to improve your lower body balance and stability, or you can turn it to the platform side for increased upper body strength exercises. Read more...

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From cardio or strength, to aerobic fitness or gym workouts, these are the products that are selling right now.

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What is BOSU?

Initially, when BOSU was launched it stood for Both Sides Up, as this balance trainer could be used on either side (the dome or the flat platform). It was invented by David Weck in 2000. Today it has evolved to stand for Both Sides Utilized. Essentially this product looks like an exercise ball cut in half.

What's The Range of BOSU Products?

Today the company produces a range of products. Its most well known products include the following:

  • BOSU Balance Trainer, a piece of training equipment that can be used to improve your balance and core stability. It looks like a strange half orb that you can use to step on, hop, jump or leap. You can do some great workouts on these including ab crunches and squats to press ups. The maximum load these take is 300lb. You can also add to this with the BOSU Powerstax which can elevate your balance trainer by 4”. You can work this equipment either with the flat side on the floor or if you put the oval side face down you will find the exercises particular difficult as your balance will be challenged.
  • BOSU Balance Ball-Essentially this is a weighted stability ball. It can be inflated from 55cm to 65cm and has a maximum usage weight of 600kg. Also worth noting that it has a burst resistance rating of 125kg, which means if it gets punctured it will deflate slowly! i.e. you won’t slam into the ground!
  • Free Form Board, this will help with core conditioning and is good for upper and lower limb exercises.

What's The Exercise Benefits of BOSU?

There has to be benefits right? The BOSU has been around a while, so it's more than a fad, see what benefits there are below.

  • Your lower body can be strengthened particularly your leg muscles, lower back and glutes
  • Good for balance and core conditioning work
  • Endurance and cardio
  • Toning, strengthening and building muscle

What's The Benefits of the BOSU Ball Compared to Free Weights?

Seriously, this is a question we get asked - even though they are very very different pieces of gym equipment.

  • You can engage more muscles in each movement
  • You can use this one piece of equipment for your upper body, lower body and core
  • Great for balance work - engaging the primary muscle and surrounding muscles too
  • By inflating or deflating the air in the ball you can increase or decrease the level of difficulty in your workout
  • By using both sides of the ball in one workout you can greatly alter the range of exercises available
  • It will add variety to your workout as opposed to using the same set of free weights every day, your motivation should be greatly improved


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