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Whether you're kitting out your own gym, or looking for studio accessories for a commercial studio or gym, you'll know the price can quickly escalate. Whether you need fitness equipment for circuits, low impact aerobics, strength classes or any other exercises, we can help you find some great deals from the the leading UK manufacturers. Working out with accessories can actually help you isolate specific muscle groups, so don't assume there's no need for that strength bar or gym ball!. Read more...

  1. BOSU 9 items
  2. Exercise Mats 45 items
  3. Foam Rollers 21 items
  4. Gym Balls 33 items
  5. Protector Mats 5 items
  6. Resistance Bands 25 items
  7. Studio BodyPump Sets 46 items
  8. Stability Discs 4 items
  9. Steps & Platforms 9 items
  10. Storage Racks 73 items
  11. Strength Bars 23 items
  12. Studio Dumbbells 42 items
  1. Origin FItness 1 item
  2. Align Pilates 1 item
  3. BodyZen 2 items
  4. BOSU 3 items
  5. Exigo 5 items
  6. Inspire Fitness 2 items
  7. Jordan 72 items
  8. Ledragomma 6 items
  9. Life Fitness 3 items
  10. NOHrD 4 items
  11. Physical Company 71 items
  12. Supasoft 6 items
  13. TP Therapy 2 items
  14. TuffTech 1 item
  15. Supaflex 12 items
  16. Woodway 1 item
  1. Black 9 items
  2. Blue 5 items
  3. Red 2 items
  4. Grey 4 items
  5. Purple 1 item
  6. Silver 3 items
  7. Charcoal 2 items
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From cardio or strength, to aerobic fitness or gym workouts, these are the products that are selling right now.

Accessories for Studios

If you are developing your own gym either commercially or at home there are a number of accessories that will help you to ensure that your workouts are safe and effective. Below we have suggested a number of items which we think are worth looking at. They range from mats themselves to lie on to other accessories which will improve your fitness.

Speed Ropes

Speed ropes are a fitness accessory which is a great cost effective fitness tool. You can burn a huge number of calories per hour simply by using a speed rope and at the same time improve your strength, agility and coordination. A speed rope in particular will develop coordination and conditioning. You may also want to consider buying a weighted rope to burn even more calories and develop strength.

Starting with some of the basic techniques you would have learnt as a child and then with a speed rope, why not try double unders? This involves you making two revolutions with the rope for every one jump! If you do want to build more strength then check out weighted jump ropes. These are heavier ropes which require upper body strength to work them. They come with a different range of weights from 1lb to 6lbs.

Exercise Mats

On the subject of mats you could write a book! There are all types of mats available for you to buy for your studio from normal floor mats to those more suitable for yoga and pilates. So where to start? For normal floor work including abdominal exercises and post workout stretching look for mats that have good shock absorbency and comfort. They will also be more durable if they are laminated, welded and sealed. In addition to this ensure they are easy to keep clean from all that sweat. You also don’t want your mats sliding everywhere so do check how good the gripping is.

Pilates and yoga mats are slightly different. Pilates focuses on developing the core strength inside your body and elongating the spine whereas yoga works on your entire body. Pilates mats are usually thicker whereas in yoga you will perform many standing poses and will need to be able to feel the floor with your feet. Pilates mats are also usually made of different fabric, usually rubber for extra cushioning. We can provide you with a range of mats whether it is for general fitness use, pilates or yoga but do be sure you get want you need as there are key differences.

Foam Rollers

We can also supply foam rollers, which look to the naked eye like logs. They can be used to help warm up and cool down. The rolling motion helps improve circulation which helps prepare the body for what is to come or help it recover after exercise. When used after exercise it can also help to remove toxins in the body. When buying a foam roller do check for durability and comfort. So for example a low density roller may be cheaper but it will undoubtedly lose shape after a while. Whilst a high density roller will last for years.

Enhance Your Studio

If you want to get accessories to create a circuit training area then consider accessories that include the following-mats, boxing gloves and pads, skipping ropes, free weights, steps and benches. We can supply all of what you need to create a stimulating circuit training area.

Prickle balls are small spiky balls used to stimulate nerves. They can be inflated or deflated as required and bring many advantages including dealing with muscle tension and improving blood circulation. They come in different sizes dependent on how you want to use them and have proven very popular in dealing with lower back issues. They are also well used in yoga and pilates.

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