Power Bands (Resistance Levels 1-6)

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Power Bands (Resistance Levels 1-6)
Power Bands (Resistance Levels 1-6) Power Bands (Resistance Levels 1-6)

Power Bands (Resistance Levels 1-6)

An excellent quality latex rubber power band, we know as they sell so well!! For your guidance the width of the power band will determine the resistance, the wider the band the more resistance.

They are available in 6 sizes, please check "further details" for guidelines on resistance levels for each band. The band can be used in conjunction with other pieces of equipment, whether it be an Olympic, EZ or Hex Bar or anchor attachments on a squat rack. They can also be used by themselves with free weights, there's lots of variety but do not overstretch or overload the bands, otherwise damage and/or injury may result.

Power Bands ( Resistance Levels 1-6)

These are Jordan Power bands which are an excellent training tool for Speed Training, Agility Drills, Jump Resistance training. Or as an alternative to standing cable exercises, Pre-rehabilitation and Rehabilitation & Sports Specific Drills for sports like MMA.

Power Bands Resistance Guidelines :

  • The resistances are per band and equate to the approximate loading at slight extension and up to maximum extension (or maximum loading)
  • 13mm = 5-35lbs (2-16kg)
  • 22mm = 10-50lbs (4-23kg)
  • 32mm = 25-80lbs (11-36kg)
  • 44mm = 50-120lbs (23-54kg)
  • 64mm = 60-150lbs (27-68kg)
  • 83mm = 70-175lbs (32-79kg)
  • Do not overstretch or overload, otherwise damage and/or injury may result.
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