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Powerbags & Core Bags

Ever heard of Powerbags before? Developed for elite sport, including the World Cup winning England Rugby team, the Powerbag offers an alternative to traditional weights. Powerbags, and the similar Core bags, are a totally functional, use anywhere, soft to touch, weight system. Powerbags have proved to be increasingly popular in not only gyms and studios, but now at home and for bootcamps. Power bags come in a variety of sizes and are easy to hold, grip and move around with, which increases the variety of uses. Read more...

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  1. Hyperwear SandBells (2lbs - 50lbs)
    Hyperwear SandBells (2lbs - 50lbs) From:
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    Jordan Sandball X-Treme (Holds up to 12kg)
  3. Flexi-Bags (5kg - 20kg)
    Flexi-Bags (5kg - 20kg) From:
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    Jordan Sandbag X-Treme (Medium)
    Jordan Sandbag X-Treme (Medium)
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  5. Powerbags (5kg - 35kg)
    Powerbags (5kg - 35kg) From:
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  6. PBX Sand Bags (5kg - 35kg)
    PBX Sand Bags (5kg - 35kg) From:
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  7. Jordan Sandbag Pro (5kg - 35kg)
    Jordan Sandbag Pro (5kg - 35kg) From:
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  8. Cormax Grenades
    Cormax Grenades
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  9. PowerWave 2.0 Super (7kg)
    PowerWave 2.0 Super (7kg)
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  10. Wreck Bag - 25lb
    Wreck Bag - 25lb
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  11. wreck bag
    Wreck Bag - 35lb
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  12. 40lb wreck bag
    Wreck Bag - 40lb
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From cardio or strength, to aerobic fitness or gym workouts, these are the products that are selling right now.

Sandbags and Powerbags

Not quite the latest thing, but you may not have heard much about them.

What are Sandbags and Powerbags?

If you hanker after lifting somebody then a sandbag or powerbag could be for you! Sandbags and powerbags shift their weight as you use them therefore stimulating what a human body would do if you lifted it. This flexibility helps to strengthen your core, as the flexing of the bag will force you to adjust your body accordingly. Your abs will get a good workout as well.

Sandbags and powerbags were initially developed for elite sportspeople like the England rugby world cup winning squad, but are now used by anyone who wants to train hard with weights but in an effective and versatile way.

How Do They Work?

The flexing of the sandbag and powerbag means that the shape is constantly changing, this unpredictability means you have to use your whole body to keep control. This is the fundamental difference between sandbags, powerbags and usual fixed position weight lifting. The unique structure of the bags will allow you to calorie burn, build muscle and lose fat.

The range of exercises is vast including lifting, dragging, squatting and carrying. In fact there are currently over 150 different powerbag exercises listed, many of which have their own progressions and regressions, meaning you have variety, which is key in weight training.

What Weight Bag Should I Buy?


A 5kg power bag is ideal for rehabilitation, an introduction to weight lifting and performing dynamic movements with a partner. The 7.5 kg power bag is useful for jumping exercises as well as weight lifting exercises. 10kg bags are good for weight lifting and diagonal and rotational moves and for walking lunges and sumo squats. For dynamic weight lifting exercises check out the 15kg bags which are also good for core stability. For working large muscle groups hard check out the 25kg and 30kg bags. The weight continues until you get to 50kg bags. Some of these heavier bags are not only good for building muscle but will also allow you to work out with a partner as two or more people can carry the bag. This has made them popular with rugby teams and in military and boot camp style training.


Many of the sandbag styles include wide mouth openings that allow you to add the sand in. Many models will be available up to 50lbs in weight. When buying a sandbag check out the ones that use free flowing sand. These will shift and mould better than those that use pellets or packets of sand, therefore increasing the unpredictability which is the uniqueness of this product. Also check out that the sandbag you are buying has inner bags to ensure that they are durable and basically won’t start leaking sand! Some sandbag designs will also allow you to adjust the inner weight with different combinations of sandbags, a useful feature if you want to use different weights.


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