Kettlebell Rack (Holds up to 12)

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Kettlebell Rack (Holds up to 12)

Kettlebell Rack (Holds up to 12)

Whether at home or in a studio, this kettlebell rack is capable of storing up to 12 kettlebells dependant on sizes. The shelves have a special rubber cover in the shelf in order to prevent any damage to the kettlebells. This also helps to keep noise to a minimum. From Physical Company, they have the oval tubing design and are finished in a carbon silver paint that's durable.

A robust and secure unit for your kettlebells, this will look great in your home or in a gym environment.

12 Kettlebell Rack

With the ability to store up to 12 kettlebells (although dependent on actual sizes and weights of the kettlebell) this is a great way to keep your equipment neat, organised and your workout area clear for safety reasons. Whether you have a home studio or are a small gym, this solution is simple and effective.

With two horizontal shelves, the shelves have a rubber covered base that helps to ensure any possible damage to your kettlebells is kept to a minimum. The rack itself is made from oval tubes and has been finished off with a stylish carbon silver paint job. This is a sturdy and robust design and at 38 kg in weight it's built to last a long time. That means it's cost effective as well as practical.

kettlebells are a great fitness accessory as you can perform a huge number of strength exercises as well as some good cardio ones too. From unique kettlebell exercises like 'the swing' through to dumbbell core exercises like bicep curls or shoulder raises every home gym should have a set of kettlebells.

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Weight 38kg
Equipment Usage Home Use
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