Jordan Sandbag Pro (5kg - 35kg)

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Jordan Sandbag Pro (5kg - 35kg)
Jordan Sandbag Pro (5kg - 35kg) Jordan Sandbag Pro (5kg - 35kg) Jordan Sandbag Pro (5kg - 35kg) Jordan Sandbag Pro (5kg - 35kg) Jordan Sandbag Pro (5kg - 35kg) Jordan Sandbag Pro (5kg - 35kg) Jordan Sandbag Pro (5kg - 35kg) Jordan Sandbag Pro (5kg - 35kg)

Jordan Sandbag Pro (5kg - 35kg)

Show you take your workouts seriously with the new Jordan Sandbag Pro available in sizes from 5kg to 35kg. They are colour coded for easy weight identification and the Sandbag Pro offers you something a little different for your workouts. Improve your strength and power endurance and use them indoors or outdoors as an alternative to dumbbells, barbells or medicine balls.

Why The Sandbag Pro?

The Sandbag Pro is the only bag of its type to feature a top handle for versatility and they come with a 1 year guarantee. Perform functional movements whilst carrying the sandbag pro to increase power and strength. Often used by professional sports teams, CrossFitters, the Armed Forces, MMA and for boot camp classes. Core stability and strength will be enhanced greatly with Jordan sandbags by performing squat, throw and catch exercises.

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Jordan Sand Bags

Jordan sand bags are a superb training tool which will add variety to your workouts. Used by personal trainers, gym instructors, athletes, the armed forces......virtually anyone who wants to improve strength and power in everyday life. The Jordan sand bags are available in a number of colour coded sizes and can be used indoors or outdoors so are perfect for boot camp or group sessions. They add great variety to your workouts and are suitable for all ages to use.

What can Sand Bags be used for?

  • Strength endurance and power endurance exercises.
  • Olympic lifting movements
  • Variations on Olympic lifting movements......including diagonal and rotational moves.
  • Throw them, catch them, they are an alternative to medicine balls.
  • Dynamic movements with a partner, which include throws, catches, movements.
  • Ideal for sport specific strength and conditioning training for sports such as Rugby, Football and MMA
  • Excellent at improving grip strength
  • Good for rehabilitation exercises as you can combine multi-joint movements and the development of functional movements under resistance.

Please note: Filled with sand for UK orders only. All bags sent overseas will be sent unfilled.

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Weight 5kg
Equipment Usage Home Use
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