Hyperwear SandRope™ | Battle Rope (30lbs)

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Hyperwear SandRope™ | Battle Rope (30lbs)
Hyperwear SandRope™ | Battle Rope (30lbs) Hyperwear SandRope™ | Battle Rope (30lbs) Hyperwear SandRope™ | Battle Rope (30lbs) Hyperwear SandRope™ | Battle Rope (30lbs)

Hyperwear SandRope™ | Battle Rope (30lbs)

Achieve your fitness goals with the Hyperwear SandRope! With this product you get all the benefits of battle rope training, high intensity cardio, strength and fat loss but in less space and without the need to purchase an anchor point. This version of the Hyperwear sandrope weighs 30lbs and is great for use at home or in any gym or fitness centre. It consists of a durable neoprene tube which is comfortable to hold and the shifting sand inside creates a workout experience like no other.

The 30lbs Hyperwear SandRope is only 3m (10ft) in length making it ideal for transporting round, or for facilities with limted space. It comes pre-filled and includes an anchor kit and collar. It is also available in a 15lb (6.8kg) version for beginners and has a 6 month warranty. Check out the product video to see this fantastic product in action!

30lb Sand Rope

Burn calories, improve muscular endurance and tone up with the 30lb sand rope available to buy here on our site. A versatile and functional product for domestic or professional use. One of the great features of the sand rope is that it measures only 3m in length, so it is practical for use in home gyms, smalll fitness centres or for fitness professionals on the move.

Perform single arm waves, double arm slams, rope pulls and much more with the sand rope. The 30lb version is designed for more advanced users and we are sure you will feel the effects of sand rope training. The movement of the sand inside utilises those deep lying core muscles for a more effective workout. Don't just take our word for it, buy one today and reap the rewards!

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Weight 14kg
Equipment Usage Home or Club Use
Warranty 6 Months
Length Dimensions 300cm
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