HD Wave Battle Rope - Level 1

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HD Wave Battle Rope - Level 1
HD Wave Battle Rope - Level 1 HD Wave Battle Rope - Level 1

HD Wave Battle Rope - Level 1

Whether you are new to exercise ropes or wanting to add a new dimension to your workouts, this Level 1 HD Wave Battle rope is a great addition to a home or commercial gym. With handles at each end for easy grip and use, plus the nylon sheath to protect it, this is a battling rope that's able to stand the test of time.

Elastic Resistance Battle Rope

Using battle ropes means that your arms, back, core and even legs are all engaged during exercises. What makes the HD Wave rope so unique is the fact that it features elastic resistance so you get a challenging wokout in a lightweight, portable design. The rope itself only weighs 3kg but it incorporates resistance tubing to give you 0-50lbs of resistance. You can make a battle rope workout as high intensity as you wish meaning it crosses over into a good cardio workout as well as strength.

Level 1 - HD Wave Battle Rope

Whether you want to workout in the park, or the local gym or even at home, a battle rope provides a great all round toning and strengthening workout if you perform the moves properly. This HD Wave Battle rope has been designed with two handles at the ends of the rope which makes it simpler and easier to hold if you are a beginner. You can throw yourself into a wave, spiral or slam move to get that rope moving.

When performing the different exercises you should be engaging your arms, shoulders, upper and lower back, core and legs. This means a real 'all over body' workout. As you become more proficient with the weighted rope, you can increase the intensity and introduce more complex moves.

Wrap it round a tree, pole, wall anchor or rig to perform a wider range of exercises.

Key Features

  • 20ft in length with handles
  • Protective nylon sheath
  • Gross Weight: 3kg
  • Resistance 0-50lbs
  • Colour - Grey and Green
  • Warranty 1 year
More Information
Weight 3kg
Equipment Usage Home & Commercial Use
Warranty One Year Warranty
Type of Weight Fixed Weight
Additional Features Handles and safety webbing at both ends.
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