Battling Rope Holder

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Battling Rope Holder
Battling Rope Holder Battling Rope Holder

Battling Rope Holder

If you need a simple and effective storage solution for your ropes, this battling rope holder will do the job. Battling ropes are a really popular piece of training equipment but can measure between 10 and 15 metres in length which means they can take up a lot of space on your gym floor. The last thing you want is to have ropes lying around on the gym floor, so buying a battling rope holder will allow you to store them away.

This battling rope holder, can be fixed to a wall and provides a safe and secure storage point for one rope. All the necessary screws and fixings are included for wall mounting, just make sure you have a secure point to fix it to as the ropes can be quite heavy.

Battle Rope Wall Holder

Here on we do a range of battling ropes and accessories. You can buy different sized ropes depending on your level of fitness and find anchor points or wall holders for them. Battle ropes are one of the latest training products to hit gyms across the country and this wall holder provides an effective place for you to store them.

Great for working the aerobic and anaerobic systems as well as toning and strengthening muscles, battling rope workouts are both challenging and fun. Perform swings, rotations, slams, rapid 'up and down' movements and much more whilst holding them for an intense, total body workout. The great thing about battle ropes is that they are easy to set up, workouts can be performed quickly and you can build muscle and burn fat simultaneously. With this wall holder you can also store your rope away quickly and conveniently.

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