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Functional Accessories

Helping you to improve your core workouts, functional accessories will help you target specific exercises that improve your strength for your abdomen and lower back muscles. This can be achieved through some weight bearing activities. These are pretty simple accessories but they enable you to change the way you workout, to target these specific muscle groups. From slam balls, to battling ropes, functional accessories are great for core conditioning and are gaining popularity for home based workouts.

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From cardio or strength, to aerobic fitness or gym workouts, these are the products that are selling right now.

Make Room for Functional Accessories

The following accessories will help you target specific muscles groups in your training. This way you can help to isolate whatever part of your body you want to work on, making your training even more effective. Many of these products are really cost effective pieces of equipment or kit but they can make a big difference to a particular muscle or part of your body.

Slam Balls

Slam balls really help you focus on your core muscles. Simply by holding a slam ball above your head and in an explosive movement bend at the waist and slam the ball down, can work your core. Intensity can be added by increasing the weight of the ball, adding in a time element and you can try a one arm slam or a side slam. You can buy slam balls in different weights ranging from lb to 50lbs. You can also use them to work out with a partner by simply throwing the ball to each other from the chest and from overhead passes. The slam ball is made of a hard shell of rubber to withstand all the impact. You can also buy slam balls that have a rope running through the centre so you can perform a swinging motion.

Battling Ropes

If you are looking for something that really works the back, shoulders and arms and you are tired of free weights or machines then why not check out battling ropes. Essentially they are heavy duty ropes available in different diameters. If you wrap the battling rope around a tree or post and create a wave movement alternating each arm for a set period or number of waves you will get a really good arm and shoulder workout .Rope pulls will also really work your arms and shoulders. If you want to make the exercises even harder then add movements in like squatting or lunging. When buying battling ropes do check that the nylon casing is a good quality and the ropes are guaranteed to be non fray.

Reaction Balls

If you want to improve your agility then check out reaction balls. They are essentially balls that are not smooth spheres so they do unpredictable things, like bounce in a different direction than you are expecting. When training with them you therefore have to respond quickly in different directions, so developing your agility. If you are training alone simply bounce the reaction ball against a wall, in partners you can bounce this to and fro. It will really test out your ability to change direction and respond quickly, skills so useful in sport.

Resistance Bands

For building muscle and strength don’t also forget the humble resistance band. Resistance bands are long tubes with handles either end or they can be even more simple, just long strips of latex. The tubing can be looped over a stationary object and off you go. For example you can stand on the tubing and press the tubing overhead to work out your shoulders. Hook the tubing over a door frame and perform tricep exercises. Many older people who may not want to use free weights often find resistance bands a better alternative. You won’t get the same serious muscle mass that you would get with free weights but if you want to tone muscle they are a great choice.

Push Up Stands

Push up stands are lightweight stands usually with foam grips that allow you to get a deeper push up, thus getting even greater muscle development. This is a really simple piece of kit which really does improve your basic push up technique by increasing the distance between the body and the ground. So for great pecs check this product out. When buying push up stands do check that the product has a stable non slip design.

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