BoxMaster Quad Boxing Trainer

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stairmaster boxmaster quad
stairmaster boxmaster quad BoxMaster Quad Boxing Trainer

BoxMaster Quad Boxing Trainer

Enjoy boxing training and want to take it to the next level? The BoxMaster Quad trainer gives 4 separate stations with 12 boxing pads on each station - all perfectly positioned for you to practise your jabs, body shots, hooks or upper cuts. It's a boxers dream and can be a major part of any cardio training session.

Using the BoxMaster Quad Boxing Trainer

You can focus on your co-ordination, agility, stamina and your cardiovascular health. From combinations through to single practise punches, there's a 30 minute program that gives you 7 active rounds of punching and 7 active recovery rounds. Awesome workout!

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The BoxMaster Quad Boxing Trainer

Whether you're a boxer, circuit mad or just want to add variety to your cardio workouts, the BoxMaster Quad boxing trainer could give you one of the best workouts you'll ever have. Designed by a professional boxer, the combination of number of pads, the pad position and the 30 minute workout are perfect for working up a sweat and increasing your stamina.

Unique Punch Pads

One of the reasons for the success of the BoxMaster Quad is down to the spring system that sits behind the pads. Without the spring system, the pads would be rigid and would deform quickly after use. The BoxMaster springs allow give in the pad when hit - reducing the impact for the user, but also ensuring the system is more robust and durable.

Thanks to the 12 different pads that provide you with all the different punches and combination options, Stairmaster have also created an educational program to under pin it all. With a full training manual as well as a digital marketing kit, whether you want to run a class or use for individuals, sharpening up your punches and combinations can be done with ease.

Key Features of the Quad

  • 12 perfectly positioned striking pads
  • 4 separate towers
  • Adjustable for height and reach with the pads
  • Spring arms for maximum shock absorption
  • Can be used for heights ranging 5’0″ to 6’10” (152.4 cm to 208 cm)
  • Total body conditioning based on a 7 round system / 30 minute session
  • Accessories include kick pads and base

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More Information
Weight 593kg
Equipment Usage Commercial Use
Warranty Frame 5 years., Moving parts 5 years., Unlisted parts, handles and accessories 1 year. Upholstery 6 months.
Additional Features Adjustable tower and pads make BoxMaster a perfect fit for heights 5’0″ to 6’10” (152.4 cm to 208 cm)
Length Dimensions 183cm
Width Dimensions 185cm
Height Dimensions 208cm
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