4kg Strength/Body Bar

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4kg Strength/Body Bar

4kg Strength/Body Bar

Available in 5 colours that relate to specific weights, this 4kg body bar (also known as strength bars) is great for a home gym thanks to it's versatility. It's a 4ft long weighted bar that has a padded foam bar to protect your neck/back and help you grip it when using it. It comes with special rubber end caps to prevent floor damage too! The range is from 3kg up to 7kg and you can use in studio classes, toning workouts and of course for strength exercises. This one is black/pink.

4kg Body Bar

A good quality body bar that can be used for everything from toning to body sculpting, basic strength exercises to circuits. This 4kg body bar (sometimes called strength bars) is a fixed weight 4ft long bar that you can use at home or in the gym. With it's foam padded handle you get an assured grip even when you're sweating during a circuit or exercise. Available in 5 colour-coded weights, you can buy the range to make life easy when you're wanting a bit more resistance. The rubber cap ends are there to protect your floors as well as make the bar weight easy to identify.

Using fixed weight body bars has a lot going for it. No messing about with weights on the bar, no messing about with weights all over the floor. Bars are great for shoulder press, upright rows, bicep curls and even beginners chest press.

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