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Technogym Excite+ Vario - UNITY

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Built by the Official Fitness Equipment Supplier to the London 2012 & Rio 2016 Olympic Games, the Technogym Excite+ Vario with UNITY entertainment console is a unique machine that offers the option to define your unique path or motion. You can engage the upper body to experience a total body workout or hold onto the fixed handles or handrails for a focused lower body workout.

In addition, changing the movement pathway on the Technogym Excite+ Vario UNITY is easy. You can begin with a stepping movement, progress to an elliptical motion, or can even opt for a full running movement. You can thus increase the intensity by moving faster, or lower the intensity by returning to the stepping movement or moving at a slower pace.

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Technogym Excite+ Vario - UNITY
Technogym Excite+ Vario - UNITY Technogym Excite+ Vario - UNITY Technogym Excite+ Vario - UNITY Technogym Excite+ Vario - UNITY Technogym Excite+ Vario - UNITY Technogym Excite+ Vario - UNITY

Vario Excite+ 700

The fantastic Vario in the Excite+ range by Technogym offers 3 types of movement for rewarding and engaging workouts. The different trajectories provided by these 3 types of movement vary the intensity of training and muscles involved. The 3 movements are described as follows;

  • Vertical - a rhythmic stride, similar to the movement made when climbing or descending stairs.
  • Elliptical - This elliptical movement is similar to a brisk walk (when using a shorter stride) or running (when using a longer stride).
  • Vario - a movement similar to an athlete's full stride run. The stride length on the machine goes up to 33 inches.


  • Controlled High-Intensity Workout - Vary the involvement of muscles used based on your upper body position and the style and speed of your lower body stride.
  • Total Body Training - The 2 platforms and interconnected lever-handles move in sync, for a fluid full body movement.
  • Target the Lower Body -  You can isolate and focus on the lower part of the body by simply placing your hands on the side rests.
  • Low Impact - Vario offers a very low impact movement that is gentle on the knees and the joints.
  • Improve Coordination and Rhythm - Because both the arms and legs are used in rhythmic movements, the upper half of the body synchronizes with the lower half which may help improve coordination.
  • Suitable for All User Sizes - The Vario is biomechanically designed to accommodate users ranging from 55" to 83" inches in height and weights up to 350lbs.

With UNITY training becomes as engaging as ever

Thanks to the UNITY digital platform, you can turn the machine you use into your personal device for the entire duration of your workout. With UNITY™ and mywellness® cloud, you can stay in touch with your world even while you train, using all the Android tools and applications as on your own tablet and with the same type of interaction. It is now possible to access social networks and preferred Web contents, participate in your gym's challenges, manage your workouts and monitor your indoor and outdoor activities. With UNITY, this and much more is possible.


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More Information
Free InstallationYes
Equipment UsageCommercial Use / Home Use
Additional Features1-25 Difficulty Levels, 13 Languages Available - uk english, us english, italian, german, spanish, french, dutch, portuguese, japanese, chinese, russian, turkish, danish, Calorie Coach; Fast Track Control with Visual Setup; Lateral supports; Plug & Play
Display MonitorDigital Platform UNITY; Goal Oriented Display;
Stride LengthMin - max stride - 0-830 mm | Min. pedal height from the ground 270 mm
Heart Rate MonitoringDouble hand sensor, Telemetry
Max User Weight160 Kg
Power Source100-230 Vac 50/60 Hz
Resistance TypeResistance at 120 spm 30-500
Program Types21- quick start, goals (time, distance, calorie), CHR, profiles (6 preset, 9 custom), test
Accessories AvailableOptional Wellness System
Length (Width) Dimensions194 cm
Width (Depth) Dimensions73 cm
Height Dimensions170 cm
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