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Technogym Excite+ Crossover LED

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The Technogym Excite+ Crossover LED is a perfect machine for those who want to lose weight, improve their balance, prevent backache or train for a sport. It is simple to learn, and like dancing, the more you let yourself go, the more fun it becomes.

The Technogym Excite+ Crossover LED works the entire body, so you get a better workout, quicker! You can burn up to 160 calories in 20 minutes, yet you'll feel less exertion than in other exercises. It is also great for the legs – because during movement the knee bends more than in other types of training, it will help to tone and strengthen your upper legs and glutes.

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Technogym Excite+ Crossover LED
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What does the Excite+ Crossover Offer?

This Technogym Crossover 700 is a wonderful machine for the commercial market and that special home gym requirement, it has a vast array of features to keep you challenged with the excellent build quality which you associate with Technogym.

What does it allow you to do?

  • Helps you lose weight - as it has a high calorie burn.
  • Improves your legs and glutes better - with a fuller movement to give better leg definition.
  • Assists with your coordination - As you pull the levers you'll train your coordination because your arms will guide your legs, prompting your limbs to synchronize with each other.
  • Want to train your balance - The posture you assume with Crossover and the movement of the platforms involve the body's major stabilizing muscles (abdominal and back belt) and helps you improve your proprioception and balance, even increasing speed.
  • Want to prevent backache - The platforms move backward, outward, and rotate, and this movement is less tiring on your ankle, pelvis and spinal column, allowing you to strengthen your muscles and ligaments, preventing injury and future problems.
  • Want to train for a sport - The Crossover movement is similar to skating and skiing, and therefore it allows you to prepare for all sports that require thrusting movement in your legs.

How is a Crossover different?

Its different from a traditional cross trainer as the biomechanics of Crossover simultaneously involve the legs in extending, abducting, flexing and rotating actions. Whereas crosstrainers generally have only one type of movement. Compared with treadmills a Crossover machine does not require a high degree of coordination, because your movement is guided. As there's no contact with the ground, there is less impact on the knees and the joints in the foot.

  • Alternating - if you're pushing with your right leg, you have to pull the lever with your left arm and vice versa.
  • Convergent for the arms - The levers allow for motion to pull one towards you while pressing the other outward.
  • Lateral and three-dimensional for the legs - During exercise they move backward, outward and rotate, so that your legs extend to the rear, shift toward the outside and rotate.
  • Intuitive and flexible -The biomechanics of Crossover make the movement intuitive.

700 Console

The 700 console option is the Advanced LED interface on the Excite+ range. It is an interactive console that allows you to select pre-made exercise programs, create a custom workout and monitor your heart rate, calories burned and time elapsed. It comes with 23 training programs, 13 different language options. A self-powered option, the 700SP is also available.

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More Information
Free InstallationYes
Equipment UsageCommercial Use / Home Use
Additional Features1 -25 Levels of Difficulty; 13 Languages Available - UK English, US English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Danish; Calorie Coach; Movement - Lateral Pattern - Dependent pedals with predefined
Display MonitorAdvanced Led Interface; Goal Oriented Display
Heart Rate MonitoringTelemetry
Max User Weight180 Kg
Power Source100- 230 Vac 50/60 Hz | Energy Consumption 100 VA;
Program Types23: quick start, goals (time, distance; calories), CHR, profiles (6 preset, 9 customizable), custom, training zone, weight loss; Sub Maximal Fitness Test.
Accessories AvailableOptional Wellness System
Length (Width) Dimensions163 cm
Width (Depth) Dimensions75 cm
Height Dimensions169 cm
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