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Supaflex Resistance Tube - Level 3 (Advanced)

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Great for home workouts, resistance training has been made a little simpler with the new Level 3 - Advanced Supaflex X-Tube. Manufactured to a high quality, it is also made to be more durable and wear resistant thanks to the 60cm sheath fitted around the tube that prevents nicks and tears during daily use. Colour coded so you know exactly which level it is, Supaflex have also added a foam grip to make holding during the exercises easier than ever.

Whether you want to workout your shoulders, your biceps, stripes, or glutes, resistance tubes can help you perform a vast number of exercises. chose to stock the Supaflex Resistance X-Tubes due to their value for money and versatility for the home user.

Supaflex Resistance Tube - Level 3 (Advanced)

Level 3 Advanced Supaflex Resistance Tube

Why not consider adding some resistance training to your workouts to compliment machines and fee weights. Using the level 3 Advanced Supaflex Resistance X-Tube opens up a number of great exercises that you can perform safely and easily at home. Supaflex have created the X-Tubing family and colour coded them all to ensure you can easily find which intensity of resistance you need at a glance. From beginners (level 1) all the way through to more advanced users and a Level 5 tube, they are ever popular for home users thanks to their price and their ease of storage.

Why not look at the exercises you can do with the Supaflex Resistance Tube, especially ones that could replace the need to buy multiple dumbbells or a multigym. Supaflex have also added the protective sheath and the foam hand grips to give you a more comfortable workout.

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