Slam Balls (3kg - 15kg)

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Slam Balls (3kg - 15kg)
Slam Balls (3kg - 15kg) Slam Balls (3kg - 15kg) Slam Balls (3kg - 15kg) Slam Balls (3kg - 15kg) Slam Balls (3kg - 15kg) Slam Balls (3kg - 15kg)

Slam Balls (3kg - 15kg)

If you are looking for a new way to train and want to develop explosive strength and power, then grab yourself one of our slam balls! Slam balls are quickly becoming one of the top exercise accessories for fitness professionals and workout enthusiasts across the globe. These balls don't bounce when you throw them against a wall or onto the floor, meaning you will not have to chase them around the gym!

No matter what weight you choose, the balls are the same size so you can train consistently. Using a slam ball works your body in many different ways and uses lots of different muscle groups. Use them to help improve explosive power and strength for sports like football, athletics or basketball. They will also help improve your coordination for all activities.

Slam Balls for Explosive Power

Whether you want to slam against a wall or the floor, slam balls have proven popular with those wanting to increase explosive power. Using a weighted slam ball helps to build core strength, improve flexibility and workout your upper body.

These slam balls are great for any fitness enthusiast to use in a variety of ways. Made from a tough rubber compound, the ball will take a huge amount of punishment, so you can happily slam away as hard as you want knowing it wont burst or break. You can train a wide range of muscles when you lift, throw and bounce the ball. From upper to lower body and core too.....there's a lot more exercises possible than you may imagine.

Please be careful when using slam balls at home. Not suitable for slamming against concrete or gravel surfaces as this will invalidate the warranty.

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