Olympic Safety Squat Bar

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Olympic Safety Squat Bar

Olympic Safety Squat Bar

One of the classic exercises, squats workout your legs, your core and your back muscles. This Olympic Safety Squat Bar distributes the weight of the plates across your shoulders which therefore means less discomfort than a normal straight bar. It has also been found that users get a bit more emphasis on their quads with this bar. You can add your 2" Olympic plates and a saftey squat bar should also help increase your maximum load lift.

Makes Squats Easy?

Well not quite. But the safety squat bar will help your form and posture when exercising and the padded protection makes this a more comfortable bar for many. As a result it allows you to increase your exercise weight over and above what you were able to do with the bar against your neck. Made of stainless steel, the bar is 7ft in length and weighs 21kg.

*Max load capacity of 150kg.

Safety Squat Bar Benefits

As a staple exercise for many, some of the restrictions on improvement were down to the discomfort of weight on the back of the neck area. Focussing huge weight across the shoulders makes for a painful exercise.

This Olympic Safety Squat Bar allows you to lift with the weight distributed front to back across your traps. Like a calf raise machine or squat machine, this prevents the total weight being right behind the neck area. This has made vast improvement achievable for many due to better form and also progression due to proper execution of the squat.

Why Choose This Bar?

If you like your leg workouts and relish squats for the huge number of muscles that are engaged during the exercise, the safety squat bar could just be your best friend. It is designed to carry the 2" Olympic plates and can cope with up to about 150kg safely. Remember to also add the collars on to prevent weights slipping off the bar.

Whether you want to see big gains in your ability to squat more weight or have an existing rotator cuff problem or sore neck muscles, squatting with this bar will enable you to remove the issues you have had previously.

Key Features

  • Stainless steel squat bar
  • 7' in Length
  • 2" sleeve diameter
  • Total weight of bar excluding weight plates - 21kg
  • Takes a maximum load of 150kg

NOTE: Weight Plates and Collars not included

More Information
Weight 20kg
Equipment Usage Home Use
Made From Stainless Steel
Length Dimensions 220cm
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