NOHrD Wall - Modular Fitness Training

Perfect for where space is a premium. Combine functional training and HIIT with this modular wooden system from NOHrD that includes a single cable pulley.

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nohrd wall ash main unit
nohrd wall ash main unit NOHrD Wall - Modular Fitness Training NOHrD Wall - Modular Fitness Training NOHrD Wall - Modular Fitness Training NOHrD Wall - Modular Fitness Training NOHrD Wall - Modular Fitness Training NOHrD Wall - Modular Fitness Training NOHrD Wall - Modular Fitness Training

NOHrD Wall - Modular Fitness Training

Perfect for yachts, boats, home gyms, apartments or even small PT studios, if space is an issue, then the NOHrD Wall could be the stylish answer to your functional and HIIT needs. A modular system that allows you to choose exactly which parts you want, you can have a dual cable pull along with the swing bells and an interactive 'Cyber Training System' as standard.

The Basic Wall

Designed to allow you to adapt to your needs, the 'basic' wall comes as the 'main frame' unit of the NOHrD Wall along with a cable system either side (either both weight stacks, or one stack and one water-resistance tube). These 3 modules include a set of swing dumbbells, the virtual, screen-based, trainer system. You can also choose to have drawers or a mini-bar as optional extras. Now you can start to configure the rest of your wall if you wish by choosing extra modules.

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Why Choose The NOHrD Wall?

Having the ability to work out in your home gym, at the office or even on your yacht, will depend on whether you have the floorspace for the all the equipment. The NOHrD Wall has been cleverly designed to allow you to pick and choose the parts you want, based on the room you have spare.

With the basic NOHrD Wall being under 1.4m wide and less than 35cm depth, it's compact in a way that a traditional multigym or DAP never can be. With the option of six different finishes, a host of different ways to arrange the modules and even flexibility on the width of some modules, it's a great option for some.

wall configurations

How To Use The NOHrD Wall

Offering two cable pulls, bars (if chosen) and hand weights, the range of exercises for functional and strength training are excellent. What's more, you get the 19" touchscreen in the main frame that hosts workouts and tips forexercises to help you.

The size of the modules, and the fact they are modular, means you have some flexibility over how to arrange and set up. This is useful if you have specific wall in your apartment or gym where you think it should go to minimise the floor space it uses.

wall training

The Wall Training Concept

Based on short and high intensity workouts, you can fuse them with functional training techniques thanks to the equipment on the NOHrD Wall. With High Definition workout clips developed by WaterRower GmbH, there are three main workout methods :

  • Functional
  • Body and Soul
  • Relaxation

In total, there are 45 different workouts that have all been professionally developed with the NOHrD Wall in mind.

Users can choose the length of session and then the focus of each session. Each workout begins with a short warm-up phase, with the coach accompanying users from preparation to workout to the end of the session. 

Typically the exercises last up to 30 seconds, followed by a 10 - 15 second break. Over a short period of exercises this leads to the the interaction of the cardiovascular system, muscular-connective tissue system, aerobic metabolism system and nervous system.  Workouts up to 15-20 minutes will help to create and improve your flexibility, strength, endurance and your physical and mental performance.

The virtual training system is only available with the main component of the NOHrD Wall.

ash wall modules

The Modules

A completely modular system, it's measurements are a maximum of 280cm wide, 212cm high and just shy of 35cm in depth. Please note that you can also ask for the width of the WallBars and storage components to be increased up to 80cm in wdith each.

The Main Frame (Module 1)

The core of the NOHrD Wall. It houses the intelligence unit (19" touchscreen monitor) of the NOHrD Wall. It also has the Swing Bells and you can choose options of two drawers and a small Minibar for additional cost.

The Cable Pull (Module 2)

On the left of the main frame as you look, the high end cable pull module. With a 3:1 ratio pulley system, the cable pull is smooth and durable. With carefully selected bearing pulleys that are manufactured of high end electro-polished stainless steel for longevity.

The Water-Pull (Module 3)

To the right is the now patented Water-Pull module that houses the water resistance tube. The resistance can be adjusted by simply turning the large aluminium wheel above the water tube. NOHrD have made the resistance smooth and one directional. This means you can do exercises for sports like XC skiing, golf, tennis at al.

Please note : You can exchange this for a second Cable Pul for no extra cost.

Shelf & Storage (Module 4)

Storing the floor mat and things like towels or water bottles, you are able to request a specific width rangign from 32cm to 80cm. This allows you to make your Wall flush to the width you require.

The Wallbars (Module 5)

Holding up to 14 bars, they are sturdy enough to allow you to perform body weight exercises as well as stretching and hanging exercises. AGain you can change the width of this module between 60cm and 80cm..

The hard wood frame of the NOHrD Wall comes with metal support brackets and connective metal components are powder coated to proect the wood from damage. Parts are manufactured in Ash, Beech, Cherry, Oak and Walnut.

wall swatch

Mix & Match

The whole idea of the NOHrD Wall is to offer buyers a choice of how you construct your ideal end product. With that in mind, as well as the options on the modules 1 to 5 above, you also have the choice of finishes in order to complement existing decor, to contrast or to just make a bold statement.

More Information
Weight 100kg
Equipment Usage Home Use
Made From Wood frame
Type of Weight Single weight stack (75kg) plus Water Resistance Tube (or a second weight stack of 75kg)
Additional Features Modular system, height can be changed from 240cm to 215cm if required. Width of bars can also be amended between 50cm and 80cm depending on your requirements.
Length Dimensions Base Unit - 120cm
Width Dimensions Base Unit - 45cm
Height Dimensions Base Unit - 240cm
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