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If you want a system of quick change dumbbells then the PowerBlock will be your new best friend. With a home gym, the mess and disorganisation of lots of dumbbells drives users mad. Power blocks are a superb invention and offer versatility alongside convenience for home workouts. The PowerBlock is a single handle that fits quickly and easily inside the first weight – as you want to add more weight, you just fit that inside the second weight, which fits inside the third, and so on. It’s a clever system that is quick and easy to use. Read more...

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From cardio or strength, to aerobic fitness or gym workouts, these are the products that are selling right now.

What is a Powerblock?

The Powerblock is a brand of adjustable dumbbells. You can buy dumbbells as either fixed weight or adjustable. The fixed weight dumbbells are great, but you need a large number of them to accommodate your weight needs, and that takes space and money. Normal, adjustable dumbbells allow you to change the weight by changing weight plates attached to either end. The problem with this is that is can take time and the weights can be quick to loosen while you are working out.

Power Blocks don’t take up the space of a large set of dumbbells and adjusting the weight on them is simple and easy, in fact it just takes seconds.

PowerBlock pioneered the all in one adjustable dumbbell, which they first introduced in 1991. It has been copied since but the PowerBlock design still stands up today although they now produce many different variations.

Why PowerBlocks over Ordinary Dumbbells?

  • They balance perfectly
  • They are heavy and compact
  • The weight is changed quickly and easily
  • You only need to buy the one PowerBlock as opposed to a whole rack of dumbbells

Which PowerBlock to buy?

PowerBlock produce a number of different models within the PowerBlock product range. One of the best buys for men is the Elite set which includes core handles, eight 10lb nested plates and four 2.5lb adder weights. It adjusts from 5 to 90lbs per hand in 5 lb increments and is in effect the same as 28 pairs of dumbbells!

For women, we would recommend that you look at the Personal Trainer set. The nested weight plate is 5lbs instead of 10 and adjusts from 2.5 to 50lbs per hand in 2.5lb increments.

The Sport Series is the third generation of PowerBlocks and consists of 4 models with unique differences in both look and function. The steel weight plates are grey (black in other PowerBlock models) and the weight plates themselves have rounded shape tops. They have tapered handles, double tethered selector pins, wrist supports and the dial locks are recessed into the handle. The Sport Series is great if you are a fitness professional or you want it for light commercial use.

The Professional Series has the same functions as the Sport Series but the weight plates are urethane coated which prevents them getting easily chipped.

The KettleBlock series is an adjustable kettlebell system offering urethane coated weight plates.            

The Square Shape

The square shape is not just a design feature. The square shape means that more weight is concentrated near the handgrip which means it’s better balanced and easier to control. It’s easy on your thighs, wont roll away and adjustable from the floor.


PowerBlocks come with a 10 year warranty.

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