Olympic Barbell Weight Sets

Olympic Barbell Weight Sets

Olympic Barbell Weight Sets

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Olympic Barbell Sets

Adding strength workouts to your routine is important for everyone. If you're looking for the ideal set of weights, then an Olympic weight plate sets could be the way to go whether you're wanting 100kg or 400kg of plates and discs. Some Olympic weight sets come with a bar and collars, some are weight plates only - please check carefully before you buy or call us for advice on 01494 956765.

Which Type Of Plates?

There are quite a few different types of plates. From the 'old school' cast iron discs through to the latest Premium Urethane coated discs. As a result the price varies accordingly. But before you jump

Whether you choose to go for basic rubber, premium urethane or ultra premium Bumper Plates, we have a great selection of sets ranging from 100kg up to 400kg for you to choose from.