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Dumbbell Racks

If you've got a home gym and a few dumbbells, you'll probably already appreciate the need for a rack to help keep things in order. Did you also realise this is probably also the case with other free weights too - having them kicking about the floor is not the best idea for safety or practicality. Dumbbell racks come in a range of sizes, with either vertical or horizontal layouts. Manage your dumbells and 'stack and rack' loose weights for safety reasons. Read more...

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From cardio or strength, to aerobic fitness or gym workouts, these are the products that are selling right now.

Dumbbell and Free Weight Racks

As you buy more free weights and dumbbells you will need a place to store them. This is essential in keeping them safe and organised. Most weight racks need to be able to carry heavy weight. As such most are made out of iron, steel or vinyl. Your dumbbell rack should ideally store your heaviest weights at the bottom and your lightest at the top.

Styles of Weight Racks

The two most common racks are shelf style racks and A shaped racks. Which one you choose will depend on how much space you have and how heavy your weights are. If you have particularly heavy weights we would suggest you look at the shelf style rack made of steel or iron. The A style rack is great if you have little space.

Considerations for Buying a Rack

Ok so it sounds a great idea and you're willing to invest the money to keep everything tidy in the house/gym, but have you really thought about the finer detail rather than rushing into buying the best looking one. From size to whether it holds all the dumbbells you own, you need to take a quick second to check on a few simple things.


Most weight racks have between 1 and 3 tiers. Tiers are great for allowing you to organise your dumbbells by weight.

Height of Weight Rack

Do take this into account. Put quite simply the height of your rack should be suited to your height. If you buy a rack that is too low for you you could end up hurting your lower back through bending down incorrectly. Ideally try not to choose a rack that requires you to pick up heavy weights from very low down. The length of your rack is also important here, the greater the length the less you may need to have to bend down at all.

Built in Cradles

Built in cradles are a great feature as they allow you to fit the dumbbell securely into the rack. This way they don’t fall or slip off,  a great safety feature.

Weight Capacity

Whatever rack you buy do ensure it clearly indicates the maximum weight it can hold. Ensure that it can hold the maximum weight of all your dumbbells combined.

Dimensions of Rack

Believe it or not this is the most common reason for people returning dumbbell racks and it's so easy. Check the area on the wall where you want to put the rack and then check the one your are buying is smaller than the space - simple! From the distance out from the wall, the distance in length check all the relevant dimensions carefully.

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