Chrome Dumbbell Pairs (1kg - 20kg)

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chrome dumbbells pairs
chrome dumbbells pairs Chrome Dumbbell Pairs (1kg - 20kg)

Chrome Dumbbell Pairs (1kg - 20kg)

These are high quality dumbbells that are sold as a pair and can look great in both commercial or home gyms. They are professional grade being manufactured using stainless steel with the chrome finish. This makes them hard wearing and of course they are versatile. You can buy the chrome dumbbells from 1kg per dumbbell up to 20kg per dumbbell, meaning they're perfect for almost everyone.

Why Chrome Dumbbells?

With their comfortable ergonomic handle, the grip has been made even former thanks to the knurled pattern lasered into the grip. This means however sweaty you are, you won't be dropping these any time soon. Manufactured to high precision  they come with a weight tolerance of +/-3%. You can also buy these dumbbells as a set with a rack included.

Chrome Dumbbells - Sold as a Pair

These dumbbells offer users an attractive, but extremely hard wearing set of dumbbells. Whether you choose individual weights or buy a range of them, you get more than just a standard dumbbell.

The design has been thought through and provides you with knurled handles, ergonomically shaped grip and of course the chrome finish that so many homes and gyms like. The balance of the weight is perfect and comes as standard with the +/- 3% weight tolerance.

We supply the range so as you improve your strength you can buy more dumbbells which comes in weights from 1kg up to 20kg.

Why Dumbbells?

As probably the most versatile equipment for mere mortals when strength training, if you use properly and know all the right exercises, you can in fact work almost every muscle in your body.

The important thing is to use the correct weight, warm up properly and always have full control of the weight. But used properly they can build muscle, tone muscle and finally help you lose fat.

These dumbbells are suitable for people who are experienced in using dumbbells. They can be used to work out the muscles in your back for example with dead lifts, single arm row and lying bent over rows. To help them work out your calves try single leg calf presses and seated calf raises. And don't forget it's not just your upper body, try using them when you squat or lunge to really work the muscles in your lower body.

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