Flexi-Bags (5kg - 20kg)

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Flexi-Bags (5kg - 20kg)
Flexi-Bags (5kg - 20kg) Flexi-Bags (5kg - 20kg) Flexi-Bags (5kg - 20kg)

Flexi-Bags (5kg - 20kg)

A great new product these Flexi-Bags are multi-functional and are great for using at home or during group, boot camp or personal training sessions. They are available here in weights from 5kg to 20kg and allow you to work in all 3 planes of motion and perform exercises to help improve strength for everyday activities.

You can lift, swing, press, curl the flexi-bags...whatever you wish to do...they are soft to touch and great for co-ordination and balance exercises. These bags will help improve grip strength and are ideal for shoulder stability and mobilisation work. Not only this, they are extremely portable so are great for fitness professionals on the move. Currently available in 5, 7.5, 10, 15 and 20kg sizes.

Flexi Bag

An exciting new product from the functional training experts, Jordan Fitness, the flexi bag is great for improving strength and power throughout the body. These weighted bags are comfortable to hold, so can be used for rotational exercises, squats, presses, dead lifts and much more. With a choice of weights, you can buy one or the whole set to use at home or with clients.

A truly functional product we recommend these bags for personal trainers, fitness instructors, strength and conditioning coaches, physios.....basically anyone who is looking to improve strength in their clients.

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