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Pulseroll Vibrating Peanut Ball

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Perfect for relaxing and massaging aching or tight muscles. Whether you use this pre-workout or after a particularly heavy session, the Pulseroll vibrating peanut ball will make a big difference. With 4 vibration settings, you can choose a level to suit...depending on how tight you are. Use as a recovery training aid to reduce DOMS or pre-exercise to loosen tight muscles. This massage ball comes with a rechargeable battery and provides up to 3 hours of use on one charge.

Vibrating Massage Ball

With the 4 different vibration frequencies, you can choose exactly how much vibration you want providing a gentle or deeper massage. The key benefit of the vibrating peanut ball is that it increases blood flow which not only helps with repair, it also ensures a quicker recovery from injury. This vibration technology is simple and effective and is approved by physios, pro athletes and sports experts.

pulseball vibrating massage ball
pulseball vibrating massage ball Pulseroll Vibrating Peanut Ball Pulseroll Vibrating Peanut Ball

Using A Massage Ball

Alongside a foam roller, the massage ball allows you to carefully massage tired and sore muscles to get the blood flowing and improve your chances of preventing injury and reducing soreness. A red dot design award winner, it is easy to carry around and is an excellent tool for atheletes, physios, exercise therapists.

As a way of helping release muscle tightness and tension pre-workout, the massage ball is great. Then used post-workout you can help flush the lactic acid away and also increase the blood flow to help reduce soreness. It's not a physio, but can be used more regularly and is a whole lot cheaper.

Key Features

  • Rechargeable battery - 3 hours
  • Lightweight and portable
  • 4 vibration speed settings
  • Helps to reduce next day soreness
  • Approved by physios and pro athletes

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