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Wall Units

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The Wall Unit, and where included Barre, is a great addition to a home or studio - especially if you are limited for space. With a range of exercises possible using the straps, four springs for resistance and the maple foot bar. The beauty of this space saving unit is that you can quickly and easily adjust the maple bar for further exercises. Versatile, cost effective and a great way to work on your core strength, stability, balance and overall strength, it can replace or be an addition to a reformer.

Pilates Wall Barre Buying Guide

This wall unit combines the functions of the standard spring wall with a foot rail for use as a barre bar. It is essentially a steel frame with a barre bar, straps and handles.

What Can You Do With A Barre Wall Unit?

This is a great addition to your home Pilate equipment particularly if space is tight.

The barre bars take ballet techniques and combines it with Pilates principles. In time this will improve your posture, build muscle endurance, and add variety to your Pilates workout.

Essentially it is a hybrid of ballet and Pilates. Using this equipment will work every stabilizer muscle in your body. Your core, balance and flexibility will all be improved.

What To Look For When Buying

This is specifically a wall unit - so you need to start by checking your walls to ensure they can take the weight and pressure of a wall unit being attached.


Concrete is the best - although with some stud walls you may be ok, proivided you can attach to the vertical stud itself. Most units prefer you to attach to solid walls though.


Ensure you are able to accommodate the height and width comfortably. Nothing worse than taking delivery to find it's an inch to big.


Always go for a proven model that comes with a warranty if you can. This gives you piece of mind should you be unfortunate enough to get a design or manufacturing defect.