Pilates Blocks

Pilates Blocks

Pilates Blocks

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Much more than just a foam block, the Pilates Block is a useful accessory for helping you find positions and to aid moves when you're exercising, or can be used during Pilates Class. Carefully placed, a block can help to increase you flexibility, or ensure you complete an exercise in exactly the right way helping to avoid injury. Blocks can be used either as a beginner or for more advanced Pilates exercises, meaning this is a cost effective accessory that is increasingly found in homes.

Pilates Blocks Buying Guide

Pilates blocks can either be the smaller head block which supports the head and aligns the neck which can really help when getting your body into the correct position.

The larger sitting block will help to tilt the pelvis during exercises and can also provide support between the knees.

What can they be used for

Pilates blocks can help you get the right position and moves and can also help you avoid injury particularly when you are starting out. They provide cushioning in inversions, support the head and also help elevate you.

The smaller blocks are placed under the head and the larger sitting blocks can be placed under the hands, feet or buttocks.

What To Look For When Buying

Made From

Look for non-toxic scratch resistant EVA foam as these won't distort in shape when you use them.

Outer Surface

Look for a surface you can wipe clean and which resists moisture and bacteria.


Ensure the size you buy is correct for the exercises you plan and your size.