Align-Pilates H1 Home Reformer

The H1 is a self-contained machine which can be easily wheeled around and stored safely out of the way by standing, featuring the same springs as our professional reformers.

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Align-Pilates H1 Home Reformer
Align-Pilates H1 Home Reformer Align-Pilates H1 Home Reformer Align-Pilates H1 Home Reformer Align-Pilates H1 Home Reformer Align-Pilates H1 Home Reformer Align-Pilates H1 Home Reformer

Align-Pilates H1 Home Reformer

One of the most popular pieces of Pilates equipment, this H1 Pilates reformer has been designed specifically for the home thanks to it's ability to be stand upright meaning it takes up a very small footprint when not in use. The reformer is a metal frame with a moving carriage and the same 4 nickel plated music wire springs that the professional versions have, providing ample resistance for the carriage travel.

Additional Features of the H1 Home Reformer

You can fine tune the amount of resistance you need and can adjust the foot bar into three positions as well as a 'down' and 'store' position. With double loop handles, removable rope risers, a 3 position head rest and adjustable feet to ensure the reformer remains level. This is a high quality self-contained reformer that can be easily moved and vertically stored.

H1 Home Reformer

One of the great things about buying this H1 Home Reformer is that you get 'studio feel' at a fraction of the price. It is a versatile and smooth reformer that allows you to do a whole range of exercises including lying down, sitting, standing, using the straps, pushing against the footbar and so much more. The Pilates reformer is able to train your body in so many different ways.

You will see the benefits in strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. This then manifests itself in your day to day life by giving you better posture, allowing more efficient movement and for some, less pain that you had before you started. Working on the reformer you will almost definitely see flattened abs, a strong back, toned buttocks and thighs.

Reformer Accessories

There are also a number of great accessories available to purchase to further enhance your H1 Reformer.

As well as the Jump Board we also sell Sitting Boxes, leg extensions and also the Neck Pillow. FInally, we are also able to provide the 'silent' foot strap that you use with the sitting box.

Key Features

  • Home reformer that can be stored vertically
  • 4 nickel plated music wire springs provide resistance
  • 3 foot rest positions, plus down & stowage
  • Max carriage travel of 95cm
  • Double loop handles with "silent" metal free connectors for a quieter workout
  • Removable rope risers with 3 height options
  • 4 easy rope length adjustments
  • 3 position head rest, with locking string for stowage
  • Adjustable feet to ensure your reformer sits flat on uneven surfaces
  • Carriage size: L 89cm x W 58cm
  • Dimensions: L 247cm x W 70cm x H 47cm (235cm storage height)
  • Suitable for users: 145cm – 193cm (4’10 – 6’4”)
  • Weight: 50kg

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More Information
Weight 50kg
Equipment Usage Home Use
Warranty 2 year frame warranty. Not warrantied for commercial use.
Additional Features Foot bar positions: 3 plus down & stowage position
Resistance Type Resistance: 4 nickel plated music wire springs (2 medium, 1 strong and 1 light)
Accessories Available Jump Board, Frame Sitting Box, Neck Pillow. 'Silent' foot strap
Length Dimensions 247cm (235cm when stored upright)
Width Dimensions 70cm
Height Dimensions 47cm
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